driving into Sedona

While driving north from Phoenix into Sedona, we captured these images as the day ended (19 September 2017).



A scenic rest area allowed us to get these shots as the sun was beginning to fade in the west.



A nice view here looking to the north.  The low sun accentuates the colors of the rock layers.



We see the foreground of desert scrub in shade contrasted with the “fiery” rocks in the distance.



Another look with various vehicles visible below a big sky.



Minutes earlier, through the rented car’s windshield glass, we captured the following pics as we neared the scenic rock formations.



An interesting view seen here:



Getting closer now to town.



Closer now to this large rock that serves as a landmark on the road, we take this photo.



The air temperature here in the shade was pleasantly cool.



A magical landscape to be sure.  I remarked to my wife that we best hurry on to the motel and leave the desert before dark as there might be “spirits” in the area.



Another nearby scene.  The bright rocks contrasted against the foreground trees in deep shade (from another rock promontory behind us) make this an interesting shot.



copyright 2018 – larrysmusings.com

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