Tough Apologetic Questions for the Non-Universalist

Here is a thought provoking post from another blogger earlier today. Christians have many views (doctrines, interpretations, speculations) on Heaven and Hell. Let’s all strive to live a more loving and responsible life here in this miserable world prior to our departure.

∀pokatastasic Osmosis

1. Does God love the people in Hell?

7d1841e69902aceb3b9705d805e4b721--god-loves-you-he-loves-me[1].jpgIf they say No:

So he doesn’t love the people in Hell? How can you call him a loving God? Doesn’t this contradict scripture, tradition, the church? How could you worship such a monster?

“But those people deserve to be punished”

Isn’t the Christian message that we all deserve to be punished? And isn’t the gospel of grace a message that God gratuitously rescues us from this punishment? Why would he only rescue some people and not rescue everyone? He has the power to rescue everyone; so what’s stopping him?

“We should be happy that God even rescues a single one of us. He is under no obligation to rescue anyone at all, let alone everyone”

Nonsense. Once I had a Calvinist friend use an analogy to justify God’s condemning people to Hell that went something like this: “Imagine a backstreet where…

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