a walk in Slide Rock State Park – part one

Let’s present the highlights first and then start at the beginning of this walk in the state park.



This is a view walking into the park from the parking lot.



This is a picture of the stream that runs through the state park.



A nice view is seen here that includes blue sky and colorful rocks and water.



Now, back to the beginning.  Driving north out of Sedona (Arizona), Slide Rock State Park is just a few miles from town.  This is a typical scene driving along the highway to the park.



We are nearing the park, and can see the colorful rock strata rising above the trees in the distance.



A view here from the parking lot of the state park.  We were a little surprised that the entrance fee for day use per vehicle was $20 (September, 2017).  This was higher than the fee for many other state parks in the West.  For those parents bringing in a few children to enjoy a swim in the stream, it was perhaps a bargain.



Another view from the parking lot seen here, looking more to the southwest.



We are ready for a leisurely stroll through the park now.



The sign for the park.



The building in seen in the foreground here may have been one of the park’s public rest rooms.



A little closer view of the rock strata seen here a little further along the walk.



Artifacts along the paved trail indicate earlier human habitation in the area.



We now leave the paved part of the walk and begin the portion of the trail that is over and through slick rock.



A view of the stream from above.  The fall of water visible here is only a few feet in height.



Lucy poses for a shot from above as we descend down to the stream’s edge below.



Closer now to the stream, we take this pic.



A good image of the surrounding area is seen here as we progress across the slick rock.  It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed doing this walk in the late morning.



We encountered some park workers returning from some task.  The group asked us to take their group picture which we did.



There is a wooden plank bridge to walk across to the other side of the stream.  This is mainly for swimmers to access nearby areas of the stream.



Another view or pose.



It was pleasant at the stream and there were not many insects to bother us.



The stream flowing out from under the plank walking bridge.



Looking upstream, we close part one of this photo essay with this view of the sandstone meeting the water.



. . . . to be continued . . . .

copyright 2018 – larrysmusings.com

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