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“Judeo-Christian” as a term or concept is a misconception.  Christianity did not grow out of what modern Judaism is.  Yet, this idea, this Judeo-Christian term is promoted by many who claim to be Christians, and by pretty much every Christian Zionist today.  The Talmud is the governing book for modern Judaism (which is Talmudism, really modern Pharisaism mixed with some occult Kabbalah).  The Talmud is not the Old Testament.  The uncensored version of the Talmud that Jews themselves read and study contains numerous very vile and offensive anti-Christ and anti-Christian passages.  If good Evangelical Christians only knew what the religious Jews today really think of them!   And, let us not overlook that many of these highly esteemed Jews today are, in fact, atheists.  So, for the Christians who swear allegiance to and support for Israel, let us ask: which Jews are you willing to kill for, and die for?  The Talmudic Jews?  The atheist Jews?  All who claim to be Jewish?  (The fact that the Ashkenazim or Eastern Jews are not descended from the ancient Hebrews is not widely known in Christian circles, but it does bear on the Jewish “claim” to an ancestral homeland in Palestine, but we digress.)

Some time back, we read a post that noted that there was debate among the early Christians as to which books of the Old Testament to keep and include as part of the Christian Bible.  (We cannot at present locate this article, but the point raised is likely accurate historically, i.e. that there was such debate in the early Christian church.)  There were some at the time that desired leaving out most of the Old Testament.  This might have been very beneficial to succeeding generations, but, alas that did not happen.  Personally, I think that the majority of the (Jewish) Old Testament was included in the Christian Bible partly as an attempt to convert the Jews of the time to Christianity.

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For the many who may be confused about this whole topic of Jews and religion, these linked posts are good reads to ponder.  (We recommend these linked posts for the many who have been indoctrinated with Christian Zionism (heresy) all their lives.)

Discussion on ‘Judaism’s Strange Gods’…plus, Revisiting the ‘Celebrate Israel’ Parade

In this second post, there are many links (plus video) refuting the premises of Christian Zionism.

6 min video pastor chuck baldwin biblical view of UN created israel


BTW, I am currently reading a true blockbuster:  Brainwashed for War: Programmed to Kill, by Matthias Chang (published in the US by American Free Press).

Good Christians, recalling the Beatitudes, ought to work to promote peace and justice, and thus work to avoid wars and war making.

Originally published in 2005, what this book tells us is even more critically relevant and important today in 2018.  We truly have been programmed for war and hate.  This has been done by design and the only way we can overthrow and defeat this murderous and destructive regimen is by a mass movement to stop the powerful interests behind government power grabs, villainy and incessant war mongering.  It is more than simply the military industrial complex to be thwarted.  We definitely recommend this book for all concerned citizens.  We so desperately need an informed citizenry to overcome its damn apathy and act now to stop the encroaching totalitarianism that will not stop until all of humanity is controlled (via ubiquitous high-tech gadgetry linked to super computers (already happening!), militarized police forces (also happening now), and mind control programming (largely forced on the people through all outlets of the mass media)).

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links of particular interest and/or informative and thought provoking articles by other bloggers

Disclaimer: We link to posts and articles that we think are informative and/or offer good insights and analysis of important issues.  This does not imply that we endorse all the views of the respective bloggers that we link to.

This next article tells of the dramatic, far-reaching effects of man’s activities on all life on the planet.

Human race just 0.01% of all life but has destroyed over 80% of wild mammals – study

The next 2 linked posts address science in society today.

the dogma of science


science watch out

Here is a good article by a trained counselor on intimacy and anxiety in marriage:

intimacy and anxiety in marriage

A fairly concise article on the destructive messages from Hollywood that are destroying the culture:

12 horrible messages hollywood sends to americans

This next book review is for a book that we purchased a few months back but have yet to read.

wearswar review against our better judgement by alison weir documenting zionist control of america the creation of israel

This next post tells us of the insane overreach by government bureaucracies in issuing countless nonsensical laws and regulations that have the binding force of law.

The Age of Petty Tyrannies

In this next post, we are led to consider whether National Socialism, given the full and proper historical context, was a response or reaction to the forces of Bolshevism in Europe in the interwar period.

does putin endorse national socialism

We hear much, too much really, about the holocaust of the Jews in the 1940s.  Why do we not hear more about the many other mass murders or genocides of the terrible 20th century?

they call me a holocaust denier

A post from a Vietnamese blogger on the crimes of the Zionists:

“Killing Gaza” Is Not Really About The Plight of The Palestinians, It’s About The Authors, The so-called “Good Secular Jews”

A final link, also from the Vietnamese blogger and about the power of the Jews to stifle any criticism of Jews and their actions.

“Jewish power is the ability to get non-Jews to stop talking about Jewish power.” Is Israel a psychopath?

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