Before the 1960s there were almost no mass shooting incidents. Why?

Food for thought in this post from another blogger. Denigration of males and masculine traits has had its societal costs. As well, we can no longer buy into the myth (from feminism) that single parent households are as effective and successful as the traditional 2 parent family in raising children to be responsible adults.

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Culture, Not Guns, Is At The Root Of Our Mass Shootings Increase

(source) Before the 1960s there were almost no mass shooting incidents in the United States, but the trend has increased ever since then. Why? The number of homicides has decreased and the number of households that have guns has also dropped significantly.

There must be another cause — maybe the continual focus on the tool used by these killers is less important than the emotional imbalance that leads them to pull the trigger.

A major change since the 1960s has been the rise in liberal social policies and the destruction of the time-honored values that lead to societal success and stability.

Nearly every school shooting has involved a boy who grew up without his father

The most glaring example is the massive decline in two-parent households. From 1960-2014 the percentage of children living in a home…

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