flight from Phuket to Bangkok

While on assignment and holiday in southeast Asia last month, my wife took a flight from the resort area of Phuket in southern Thailand to Bangkok.



Bangkok Airways’ company logo is seen here.



Up in the air now, en route north to Bangkok, we can see these clouds.



Approaching the destination, a look out the window of the plane gives the following views of clouds above farm fields.



A little later, we see this view.



Many people today take flying pretty much for granted.  Yet, there is still a simple pleasure in glancing down on the land from so high up.



Descending further on the approach to the airport, we can see the humid, tropical scene below the plane.



Now, we see an automobile highway below.



Evidence of one of the canals of the greater Bangkok area is seen in this next image.



With the edge of the airport visible below, it is time for the landing.



In this next photo, we see planes at the various terminals.



Having landed, the plane that Lucy was on taxis into the arrival terminal.  We see a Thai Airways jet in the distance with wet tarmac, and water in a drainage ditch in the foreground.



Another related view.



This plane must be a Bangkok Airways plane, and is rather striking in its colorful appearance.



copyright 2018 – larrysmusings.com


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