boat tour of Phuket area

These first images are highlights from a boat tour in Phuket, Thailand.  This first photo captures the water, the rocky “hills” and the tropical sky.



Here is another interesting scene – the intersection of sky, land and sea.



Layered rock walls rise above the sea.



A sample here of the colorful scenes encountered on the boat tour.



Now, we start at the beginning of the day.  There are many boats on the water as seen from the shore.



A tropical destination, Phuket is in southern Thailand.



A view near the docks.



Out on the tour, the boat sails alongside one of the rock overhangs.



Local monkeys reside in the area and can be seen at times.



Here we can see a couple of individual monkeys.



Yes, one monkey agrees to put on a show for the tourists.



The rock walls rise up abruptly from the water.



Evidence of human activity in this area.



There look to be caverns here.



Small boats are nearby in this bend or curve in the land and waterway.



A look in a different direction yields this scene.  The water is a deeper blue here.



In this next photo, we see the overhanging rock wall above the water.



What a difference in this water canyon’s appearance from the sandstone, river canyons of the US southwest.  Here there is much growth of green plants and trees, whereas in the canyons of the southwest US, the rock walls are largely barren.



A tour boat passes nearby.



In this next pic, we see the light blue water contrasted with the lush growth of plants and trees on the nearby rock wall.



The rocky cliffs thrust up out of the water in this view.



More scenery.



The boat tours would not be complete without an opportunity for a swim.



More boats and more swimmers.



Here, we see another view of this relaxing and beautiful scene.



A last look at the interplay of ripples or undulations in the water and the reflected light from the water’s surface.



Later, there was more swimming close into shore at one of the beach areas.



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