“Teen Culture” is Destroying the World

Is the paradigm of modern Western public school education part of the problem in our societies? We often hear of peer pressure, but perhaps the problem is that children spend too much time with their adolescent peers and that serves to perpetuate adolescence (the “teen culture”) in the decadent West. This reblogged post is helpful in recognizing the downside to modern public school education (that no amount of public money thrown at it will solve its shortcomings). Homeschooling is one way for parents (those who can homeschool) to opt out.

Hommunism News

(source) Preindustrial societies mostly exhibit a continuum from childhood to adulthood. There is generally no random cut off age where suddenly teens are given rights and expected to become adults. Children seamlessly and gradually integrate into adulthood, with puberty rites being the only major benchmark.

These societies were “free-range parenting” before it was cool. Even toddlers have a large degree of autonomy. The child is allowed to explore, and the mother provides the nurturing, feeding, and love at the child’s initiation. Young children participate in the work of their parents and elders and interact and learn from people of all ages.

Children are raised from infancy alongside adults, instead of being segregated into peer groups of the same age. They slowly learn from adults and take on more responsibilities by emulating what they see.

An artificial sub-culture based on age

What do kids see in the USA? A bunch…

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