holocaust: pro and con

Today the world is the victim of propaganda because people are not intellectually competent.  More than anything, the United States needs effective citizens competent to do their own thinking.  –  William Mather Lewis


Editor’s note: As we are incessantly reminded of the holocaust on nearly a daily basis in today’s world (in part to shape or constrain the debate on various current issues), we believe the topic needs to be scrutinized at some length.  How the holocaust story is used has already been addressed previously on this blog.

In this post, we present some noteworthy books on the holocaust, and say a little about each one.  (We have read all of these books and others on the holocaust.)  At the end, we provide some links to relevant essays by other bloggers. (Read time is 20 minutes or more, best to read on a tablet or desktop personal computer.)

The Holocaust: The Destruction of European Jewry 1933-1945, by Nora Levin (1968).

This 500 page tome appeared in 1968 (originally published by Schocken Books).  This book is currently sold on Amazon.com and has 5 star customer reviews.  Levin was/is a “paper” historian, much like a librarian.  This means that she relied completely on the many earlier written works that make up the officially accepted holocaust narrative,  The book deals a lot with the deportations from the various countries that Germany conquered and occupied during the Second World War.  The official history of the “death” camps is also included.  This book is noteworthy for being a good example of the historiography of the time (the first 25 years after the war ended).  Forensic analysis of the camps was not possible at this time as these were located in communist Poland behind the Iron Curtain.  Eye witness testimony is taken at face value and is not questioned nor doubted.

After reading this book, in late 1988, I was pretty much a believer in the official story of the holocaust, and I had read other shorter books that supported the official account.  (It is remarkable what you can find while browsing through the shelves of a good used bookstore.)  However, I was deeply troubled at that time by the highly publicized and sensationalized trial in Israel of John Demjanjuk, who was convicted in April, 1988 of being the sadistic and brutal “Ivan the Terrible” of Treblinka camp.  It is odd, but this character, Ivan the Terrible, is not mentioned in Nora Levin’s book, although “survivors” of Treblinka swore to statements shortly after the war that this character had been killed during the inmate revolt at Treblinka in the summer of 1943.  Some of these same survivors testified in Israel against the accused in 1987-8!  After residing on death row in an Israeli prison for more than 5 years, Demjanjuk was freed and returned to the US after the Israel Supreme Court overturned his 1988 conviction and death sentence in September, 1993.  Thus, Demjanjuk was not Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka.  But, the question tugs at the back of a skeptic’s consciousness and cannot be fully ignored: Was this Ivan the Terrible a real person, or only a mythical construct?



Obligatory Disclaimer:  Pursuing inquiries, and conducting historical research and forensic analysis in an unbiased attempt to obtain historical truths does not make one “anti-Semitic”.

It would be about another 5 years until I became somewhat acquainted with holocaust revisionism*, one branch or department of historical revisionism.  Let me add here that holocaust revisionism has made great strides in the years since the fall of communism in 1991.  There have now been some forensic examinations at some of the alleged extermination camps in occupied Poland.  As well, there has been some access to formerly Soviet archives (in Moscow) for independent researchers.  When the Red Army rolled through Poland and later eastern and central Germany at the end of the war, the Soviets seized and saved all the German documents they found.

* The sensationalist claims subsequently dropped by those who promote the official story (soap from human fat, lampshades made from human skin, etc.), the many diverse (even bizarre) methods of killing employed at the various camps, and the large numbers of claimed deaths (actually quite large ranges of estimated and alleged deaths) for each “death” camp that appear in the official account prompted skeptics to look into and scrutinize the holocaust story more closely.  As well, accounts of the experiences of some former concentration camp inmates surfaced in the late 1970s that contradicted the exterminationist claims.  That is one reason why the assertion that the various concentration camps located in Germany proper (such as Dachau) were extermination camps is no longer put forth in the official literature.

After reading some articles and books that cast very serious doubt on the veracity of the officially accepted and oft-repeated holocaust story, I did not rush to reject the official account.  The possibility, even likelihood, that we – the public – had been misled led me to a heightened skepticism of both the official account and the revisionists’ account or version of the history of the period.  I did not want to be fooled by either position.  It was a number of years until I reached my current position.

All the following books are “banned” and can only be purchased from small, independent booksellers that are not widely known.  (See the link below to one source for these “banned” books.)  Since these books cannot be sold on major online retail sites in the US (due to these sites’ executives caving to pressure from certain groups) and these are thus more difficult to obtain, we can say that holocaust revisionism is effectively forbidden history and thus also hidden history.  The question comes to mind: If the official account of the holocaust is demonstrably and verifiably true (factual), why must there be laws in Europe to silence and suppress the publication and distribution of research that contradicts the official story?  If the official account were true, any and all contradictory works could be rather easily debunked, one might think.  Is it possible that the official narrative cannot withstand serious scrutiny?  (Another way to say this is:  If the official story, that we have all heard for decades now, is true and accurate, why then the – at times hysterical – outcry against critical research into its veracity?!  If the official story is true, then additional, critical (and forensic) research into it would only serve to add further support to it.  Additional scrutiny and research could only worry adherents of the official story if such story is not completely true.)

In the late 1960s, a book (see next image) appeared that dared to question the official story of the holocaust.



From the 1991 trial in California where revisionists were sued, a self-professed “witness” for the holocaust was found to be not such a good witness under careful cross-examination.



In this next book, Jurgen Graf takes on the classic holocaust work, The Destruction of The European Jews (1961) by Raul Hilberg, and exposes the many troubling problems with it.



Hundreds of pages long with many footnotes, this next book authoritatively debunks the official tale or story of the holocaust.  Individuals with scientific backgrounds in chemistry and in engineering have examined the evidence for the alleged homicidal gassings of millions of concentration camp internees and found it to be completely lacking in substance or reality.  This is the authoritative answer to Nora Levin’s book above.  No doubt, the many admirers of her book above (see the many favorable reviews on Amazon) have not read this one.

This book informs us that the forensic chemical analyses of the alleged death camps support a conclusion that Zyklon B was employed as a delousing agent (used on clothing) to prevent typhus epidemics in the camps.  It was not used to gas Jews (to death) in “gas chambers”.  The bodies of camp inmates found by the Allied armies at the end of the war were the result of typhus epidemics that ravaged the camps in the final months of the war.  Bear in mind that the relentless Allied terror bombing of Germany had largely destroyed the nation’s infrastructure making it quite difficult for Germany to move foodstuffs and medicines around the country.



At this camp, Belzec, near Lvov, allegedly hundreds of thousands of Jews were gassed to death by the exhaust from truck or tank engines and then their corpses were buried and then later exhumed and burned in large pits and on railroad ties.  Considering the amount of earth that would be disturbed and the amount of wood fuel needed to perform such massive cremations and the volume of resulting ash, Carlo Mattogno demonstrates that the official account of what took place at Belzec cannot possibly be true.  Yet, Rudolf Reder in late 1944, when he was interviewed by the Soviets made the absurd and outrageous claim that 3 million Jews had been killed at Treblinka and buried in 30 mass graves of 100,000 corpses each (forensic investigations at this camp in the late 1990s could not find these mass burial pits).



Another highly detailed book that deals with a specific camp, and even more narrowly with a specific time period.  The alleged open air cremations of the allegedly murdered Hungarian Jews at Auschwitz (Osweicim) from May to August, 1944 – when we are told that the crematoria ovens could not keep up with the mass murders each and every day that summer – have been shown to be myths.  Due to breakdowns in the crematoria, those few inmates of this large work camp who died from natural causes were cremated in the open.  The numbers were 30 to 40 dead that were periodically cremated during the summer, and not several thousands each and every day.  Note that Auschwitz-Birkenau has a high water table in the ground making burial impractical and unsafe (epidemics) – thus, the need for cremations of dead bodies.  Mattogno exposes that the “eye-witness” testimony is completely contradictory with no witnesses able to agree on the specifics about these open air cremations.  As well, the aerial photos taken by Allied reconnaissance flights that summer do not support the official story.



This next book is shorter than Dissecting the Holocaust (above), but is still a comprehensive refutation of the official holocaust story drawing upon the extensive research and findings of many revisionists.  The Six Million: Fact or Fiction? was especially targeted for banning by the modern day book burners.  We have read this book (in 2017) and can understand why it irritated the promoters in the holocaust industry.  Highly recommended.  Read it for yourself and form your own conclusions.  Holocaust revisionism has made great strides in its research and scholarship in the past 40 years.  In fact, revisionists have conducted their researches more rigorously and to higher standards of evidence than those other writers who continue to churn out works in support of the official holocaust narrative.



Benjamin Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Israel, makes use of the “Six Million” to shame UN delegates, and heads of state into silence on Israel’s horrible treatment of the Palestinians.  Using the holocaust (whether you believe the officially accepted version or not) to divert attention away from Israel’s crimes is not acceptable.

(As well, per some of the texts in Judaism, “Six Million” Jews had to die before (the state of) Israel could be established.  Thus, this figure of Six Million has some religious and/or prophetic significance for Jews.)

A curious item to consider (noted in the short video on YouTube linked to below, and in some revisionist works) is that world Jewish population figures for 1939 and from the late 1940s (after the war) fail to show a significant decline in Jewish population that would be expected if the official holocaust account were true.  (We know there were some Jewish deaths from typhus and malnutrition in the camps.  As well, there were many Jewish soldiers in the Red Army and many Jewish communist partisans in Russia who fought and were killed in the war.  These were actual losses, but not on the order of several millions, more on the order of several hundreds of thousands from all causes.)  But, what of the decline in Jewish populations within various countries in Europe during the 1940s, such as Poland?  Those who adhere to the official holocaust story reflexively assert and conclude that this reduction must be due to deaths from the “extermination” camps of the Germans.  Thus, the declines in Jewish population in the various countries that Germany occupied “proves” the holocaust.  What these writers consciously choose to ignore or are unaware of is that after the end of the war (1945) millions of Jews emigrated to America and to Israel.  Also, early in the war in Europe, many ethnic Jews fled from the advancing German armies into the Soviet Union.  This alternative explanation for the demographic changes in central and eastern Europe refutes the assumption that the decline in Jewish populations must have been from exterminations at the concentration camps.

Why was the holocaust story invented?  We include a link here to a good post by another author on this critical question.  We have our own thoughts on this matter and we reached these conclusions several years ago, but this linked essay covers the question well.  (One factor to bear in mind is that the Soviets were outraged by the Germans’ exposure (1943) of their atrocity (mass murder) in the forest at Katyn in 1940.  When the Red Army “liberated” the concentration camps in occupied Poland in 1944 and 1945, the Soviet propagandists purposely exaggerated and distorted the story of what the Germans allegedly did at the camps so as to divert attention away from their own hellish atrocities including the Holodomor in the Ukraine.)

why was the holocaust story invented

Bear in mind that in the Talmud, Jews are told that it is acceptable to lie to the goyim (gentiles).  Jews are under no moral obligation to tell the truth to non-Jews.  Thus, it ought not be surprising to us that many Jews exaggerated, distorted and even fabricated much of their personal testimonies about their experiences in the concentration camps (labor or work camps, and transit camps) of occupied Poland.

implications & ramifications if the Jewish holocaust story falls from favor in the public consciousness

First. it must be said that Western historiography will stand convicted of perpetuating a false narrative.  It took rebels, and outsiders (aka revisionists) to correct the historical record.  The question will naturally arise in people’s minds: What else is incorrect in our history textbooks?  Are we being fed propaganda while real (true) history is buried and/or distorted?

If and when the holocaust story falls, people might give greater scrutiny to Allied actions in Europe both during and after the war (Allied war crimes and atrocities); they might be more critical of Israel and Jews in general; and more individuals might question why the western Allies went to war against Germany when the real threat to Western Civilization was from Judeo-Bolshevism in the USSR and from Zionism.

Since the holocaust has been used as a club to beat down any and all criticism of the actions of Jews over the past 70 years now, if the holocaust were to fall from favor and be seen as a gross fraud perpetrated on the world, Jews would no longer be viewed as perpetual victims somehow possessing moral superiority to the rest of the world’s many peoples.  The rationale for the state of Israel would be greatly weakened, especially in light of the criminal conduct of the Israelis these past 70 years towards the Palestinians and their Arab neighbors.  If people en masse come to the conclusion that they have been lied to by the Jews, it is likely that people will no longer trust and give a free pass to the Jews.  (The notable exception in the US is the fanatical Zionized Christians (60 million plus) who cannot be reached by evidence and rational argument.)

In a world freed from the fake history of the holocaust, a more rational and objective review of the history of the Second World War and the events leading up to it could be undertaken (which has already been underway in revisionist circles for some time).  Reparations from Germany to Israel could finally stop; and the undeserved collective German guilt for a holocaust that did not take place could finally be let go of.  As well, the Germans of the period, as a people, would no longer be demonized.

Lastly, those who are now smeared as being “holocaust deniers”, or simply “deniers” would be seen as serious researchers and serious students of history seeking to find the truth about what did, and what did not occur in wartime Europe in the 1940s.

other related thoughts

If you want to ponder a true holocaust, consider the merciless Allied terror bombing campaign against German cities during the war, the mass rapes committed not only by the Red Army in the East, but also after the end of the hostilities by the western Allies in their zones of occupation, the forced expulsions of ethnic Germans from their eastern territories (millions displaced and millions perished), and Eisenhower’s camps along the Rhine where more than one million disarmed German POWs were starved to death after the end of the war.  As well, Germany was looted after the war by the victors of its intellectual property, its gold, and much other property.  In effect, the Allies at their show trials at Nuremberg were trying, convicting and executing the defeated Germans for actions that were quite small or inconsequential in comparison to Allied outrages.  Perhaps, we can opine that the Allies – who were guilty of all the indictments they levelled against the defeated Germans – were really saying to the world that there ought to be laws against the crimes they (the Allies) committed.  But, sadly, might makes right for the Allies. (And, this is still true today when one considers recent wars: might makes right in the thinking and conduct of the Allies.)

resources and links

Where can interested readers purchase these various banned books?  This is a fair and relevant question as pretty much all books that directly question the holocaust story have been banned from Amazon and other online retailers (as of March, 2017).  Here is one US-based organization that makes many of these titles available for purchase.  Note: Providing the link below does not imply that we agree with all the viewpoints/positions of this organization or all its authors.  The Barnes Review (TBR, named for the American historian, Harry Elmer Barnes) and the related American Free Press (AFP) have been targeted by powerful interests that oppose free and open inquiry and debate on various topics.  We, at this blog, condemn this type of censorship by pressure.  Concerned citizens must have access to all the current historical research in order to reach an informed opinion on the truth or falsity of the official holocaust narrative.

https://barnesreview.org/   Online orders take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive.  Orders by mail can take even longer.  If you place an order for books, request that they ship your books in a box, not in a flimsy plastic envelope.

Warning: For those blog visitors residing in most European countries and in Canada, it is illegal for you to question the official story of the holocaust of the Jews in the 1940s.  Therefore, you cannot purchase any revisionist books that cast doubt upon, or actually debunk the official holocaust story.

hardcore holocaust links

We reside in the US, where there still remains a little free speech, and thus we can freely post these links without fear of arrest and imprisonment.

21 amazing facts about the holocaust

Here is a link to short video on YouTube:

5 facts refuting the holocaust

Here is the link to the holocaust deprogramming course to overcome the brainwashing and pervasive propaganda of the official narrative:

holocaust deprogramming course

From a Vietnamese blogger in Southeast Asia, we have the next 2 essays (quite lengthy but very well written):

the great holocaust mystery

This next essay includes a refutation of the official holocaust story by a Jewish person, and some facts on the significance of the “SIX MILLION” figure for Jews.

Amazon bans books on Jews and a Jewish refutation of the holocaust


the history of “anti-Semitism”

Here is a good link for a banned book worth considering for purchase and adding to your personal library:


These questions must be asked: Do some Jews provoke “anti-Semitism” by their reckless actions?  Why does so-called “anti-Semitism” occur in every country or region throughout history where there are/were significant numbers of Jews?  Is the true cause of “anti-Semitism” the world over the Jews’ continual attempts to alter their host nation’s culture and social and political life?  Is this particularly revolutionary Jewish nature to blame for the enmity non-Jews feel towards the Jews?

We have not read this book, unlike all the other books above which we have read, but, if this book addresses these critical questions, then it would be worth buying and reading and saving as an important reference.

copyright 2018 – larrysmusings.com


  1. How terrible it is to have laws that say it is illegal to think in a certain way that diminishes, damages, and discredits fiction writers. If I had the law in my pocket, I could make so much money just by suing internet trolls? I would be more wealthy than B. Gates.

      1. Thanks for the linked article. Yes, the number is made up, and as others have pointed out, has been used before in conjunction with claims of pogroms in Tsarist Russia in the late 1800s, and again during and after World War One. Interestingly, this figure of SIX MILLION was used at these previous times to solicit donations for poor suffering Jews. The number must have some religious significance for Jews.

    1. I believe in freedom of believes but I don’t believe in freedom of deceiving and misinforming people. I don’t like being misinformed in small things and in big ones. Whether these certain pills will help me regain my health or not, whether a restaurant is worth going to or on the contrary and for sure I don’t welcome any lies in history whether it’s history of USA or Poland. Some people spread fake news, and it goes viral, I can only hope that we will all agree that there should be laws against misinformation. Somehow there are litigations in USA over misinformation in adverts. Caution: If you don’t want to know the truth do not read the next sentences! Polish nation did not took part in holocaust jointly with Nazis. We were the victims of Nazis. In fact, Polish nation is the very first one who took action against Nazis crimes. And we were in that alone although before 1939 and during the whole war we were prompting other nations of Europe to fight together against Nazis. It is the right of any human being to request the truth, that what this (already changed) law was all about, and nothing else.

      1. @historybeststory:

        Not sure what you are trying to say. But, we do not believe the official history about Poland’s actions prior to the outbreak of the war on 1 Sept 1939. Hitler had signed a peace pact with the Polish leader back in 1934 or 1935. Unfortunately, that head of state died and was replaced by a more aggressive Polish leader. Britain insured war by giving a stupid guarantee to Poland in the Spring of 1939. The emboldened Poles would not negotiate with Hitler over Germany’s desire for a railroad to connect East Prussia with the Reich and for Danzig, a German city. The Poles, exhorted by the Jewish communists, were committing atrocities against ethnic Germans that summer and in the early days of the war in Sep, 1939.

      2. Here we have a newcomer telling me that I am gravely misinformed.

        Let’s be clear: The holocaust is the biggest swindle in history.

        Those that need deprogramming will always be taking shots at those of us who have been brave enough to do our homework.

    1. To the uninformed and absolutely brainwashed in fact brain dead out there the Holocaust was (with just a little research) the biggest hoax of the twentieth century and the greatest money making swindle in the history of mankind just one big racket from the worlds greatest liars cheats and thieves.

  2. Reblogged this on HIDDEN IN PLAIN SITE and commented:
    This fantastic post pulls together many unknown books written decades ago by those dedicated to the truth. Read these while you still can. I will be checking to see how many are in PDF form. Thank you, Larry, for this great library.

    1. One great book that is free and a PDF download is THE MYTH OF GERMAN VILLAINY by BENTON L BRADBERRY it is a very good read.

      1. THE MYTH OF GERMAN VILLAINY by BENTON L BRADBERRY is one of the best books I’ve ever read ….. highly recommended.

        It is available on Amazon Kindle for two dollars and forty cents!

  3. We received this email from YouTube earlier today (Saturday, 7 July 2018):

    Regarding your account: larrysmusings.com
    We have received a legal complaint regarding your video. After review, the following video: holocaust: let’s have open debate has been blocked from view on the following YouTube country site(s):
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    The YouTube Team

    As noted in my post above, questioning the official story of the holocaust is illegal in many European countries.

    We also received this system generated email from YouTube a moment after the first one above:

    Hi larrysmusings.com,
    Your video holocaust: let’s have open debate was flagged to us by the YouTube community. Upon review, we have placed restrictions on how the video will be shown. Please note that your video will continue to be available on YouTube.
    Video content restrictions
    We believe in the principles of free speech, even when that speech is unpopular or potentially offensive to some viewers. However, YouTube doesn’t allow hate speech or content that promotes or incites violence. In some cases, flagged videos that do not clearly breach the Community Guidelines but whose content is potentially controversial or offensive may remain up, but with some features disabled.
    Your video will be shown after a warning message. In addition, certain features such as comments, sharing, thumbs up, and suggested videos have been disabled. Your video is also ineligible for monetization.
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    – The YouTube Team

    The short video that I put together (in the Spring of 2017) did not in any way incite hate or violence. This is the same old nonsense that those who hate free speech smear many of us with. A call for open debate on the holocaust story is not hateful or inciteful of violence. The laws in Europe reflect who has power over these countries.

    1. Thanks for the link. CODOH has been around for a long time and is a good resource for those interested in open debate on and about the holocaust.

  4. I have made this suggestion on another site but let me repeat it here that what I would like to see a movement formed that one day when the truth of the so called Holocaust is finally accepted that the Jews pay back all the money that has been swindled out of Germany and payment must be made in gold and not Fiat currency which as we know is not worth the paper it is printed on??

    1. Thank you for your thoughts. Although it is likely that, in the not too distant future, even the average man on the street will know the holocaust was and is a fraud, we think it is quite unlikely the Jews will ever make reparations to Germany or to any other country (such as Russia, post Tsarism) that they have looted and extorted from, and murdered in.

  5. Well, lartyzb, this article is kinda interesting, even though I’m not a Holocaust denier & definitely Anti-Hitler. Although I don’t buy into Holocaust Denial, but making it illegal is simply just a really bad idea. I will also need to point out that there’s Individualist Anarchists in the Holocaust Revisionism scene as well, most notably the late James J. Martin along with one of the most important people of the Libertarian Left, Sam E. Konkin 3.
    I might not always agree with you, sir, but smearing you as a Nazi is just borderline dishonest. My take on the Holocaust will basically piss off both Holocaust Remembrance & Denial types since I believe that Zionist Ashkenazi Jews worked with the Nazis, even helped them unleash the Holocaust in the first place slaughtering far more than just Regular Jews & White Slavs. that’s basically my take on it, & i have a feeling that people should just agree to disagree on the Holocaust. Why is it that Holocaust Remembrance folks constantly ignore the Non-Jewish victims of Nazi Germany (from my POV BTW) & even the Russian Jewish Victims of the Holodomor. I’m one of those folks who recognize both the Holocaust & Holodomer, but very willing to question both tragedies for reasons different from both remembrance & deniers. I do believe thst 20 million people died in the Holocaust & 50 million people died in the Holodomer, but what til you see the Native American genocide, which is 100 million deaths, which is why it’s worse than both Holocaust & Holodomer combined.
    I think we’re in serious need of an open discussion & debate on the Holocaust worldwide allowing all perspectives.
    why is it that there’s those demanding Holocaust Remembrance when the Native American genocide is far way worse? I think Holocaust Denial is dumb, but it shouldn’t be illegal anyway though. we have every right to agree to disagree BTW.

    1. Wow. Where to begin?

      The victims of the Holodomor in the Ukraine were almost entirely Slavic Christians. It was the Judeo-Bolsheviks who carried out this man made famine.

      100 million victims of Native American genocide?. No, not really as their population was not that large. A cumulative figure over 2 centuries or so? Still, an exaggeration, much like the “SIX MILLION” figure that we are beaten over the head with.

      Yes, we need open discussion and ought to allow all perspectives. But, that is not happening as it is not allowed. YouTube has taken down hundreds of videos, including dozens of very well made documentaries that debunk the official holocaust tale because these do not comply with YouTube’s community guidelines. It also censors anyone who dares to question the official horse shit about the corona virus. And, let us not forget Amazon, which caved in and banned the sales of hundreds of books and videos about the holocaust tale and the Jewish role in World War II. The pressure from the Jews reached hysterical levels in early 2017. Why? It appears that the revisionists were gaining too much credibility and too wide an audience for the Jews not to act.

      But, enough. Your rambling comment is what it is, and it is time to move on.

      1. Yeah, I tend to have pretty long rants & ramblings, not only on social media, but also in person as well. I need to explain that I’m autistic, sir.

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