shadows in the park on Sunday


Follow men’s eyes
As they look to the skies
The shifting shafts of shining
Weave the fabric of their dreams

These lyrics are from Jacob’s Ladder, a song by RUSH (1980, Permanent Waves album).

These images appear to be black and white photos but these are the accurate colors of the actual scene.  Walking along the paved pedestrian lane in the nearby city park on Sunday at midday, we seized upon the sudden impulse to capture these scenes with camera.


Sort of the converse or reverse of the above quoted lyrics, the shifting patterns of light and shade below us wove our fancies for the moment.  In this next image, one can see the shadow caused by wife’s iPhone camera and my arms in the scene.  This reminds us that humans are a part of the natural environment – for better or for worse.



Another view.



The zen of the moment is lost if we attempt to convey it in words.



A little further along the paved walking lane, we came upon this view.  The patterns of light and dark shifted as the breeze moved the branches and leaves above.  A moment seemingly outside of time, and priceless.



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