being authentically human in today’s confused world

In today’s hectic, confused and increasingly artificial or “virtual” world, what does it mean to be authentically human?  How can we live authentic human lives?  With the coming of so-called “trans-humanism”, people are asking what does it mean to be human, or how can we define a workable concept of being human?

We may step back and opine that perhaps the problem for us humans is that we are largely stuck in a bodily level of consciousness (meaning we identify too closely with the body, the physical and material universe and thus forget that we are spirits dancing in the flesh).  Our perspective or level of consciousness and awareness will color any proposed answers we may put forth to the above questions.

Today, we will not offer any potential answers to the above questions.  Rather our purpose is to encourage readers to consider the above questions in relation to their own life priorities and personal values.

Before we close this post, we share some colorful images.

From our visit to the CA Academy of Science this past Sunday, we share these colorful images of a butterfly behind glass.



Backing away slightly, the angle of the overhead light is different, and we see subtle changes in the shades of blue in the wings of this large butterfly.  A striking image.



We are reminded of the dream of Chuang Tzu where upon waking from a convincing and vivid dream of being a butterfly, he was not sure if he was a man, or a butterfly now dreaming he was a man.

In this final view, being further away, it is now more difficult to see the subtle changes in shade in the colorful wings.



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