book review of Brainwashed for War: Programmed to Kill

Although a lengthy read, this work is engrossing and very comprehensive in its treatment of the subject of the continual war making of the Zionist-Anglo-American warmongers.



relevant book data

Title: Brainwashed for War: Programmed to Kill

Author: Matthias Chang, Malaysian citizen, barrister for 29 years at time of writing, former political secretary to former Malaysian prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad.

Publishing data: First American Edition October, 2006.  American Free Press.  ISBN: 967-69-0674-3 Copyright 2005, Matthias Chang.  521 pages.

The last 207 pages are in Appendices (14 in all) that provide much needed background information.  I skimmed through these but read the entire first 314 pages of the book which is where Chang makes his convincing and compelling case.

lessons offered by this thoroughly researched and well written book

First, to prevent wars in the future, we must recognize and understand how we are truly being brainwashed for war by the government and media’s propaganda techniques.  Yes, the mass media communicates and spreads the government propaganda for war.  Some in the media do not do their due diligence in vetting the stories they broadcast so that they are effectively duped by the government and the military.  Others in the media fully support the wars.  Chang exposes the interlocking boards of directors between much of the news media corporations and the rest of corporate America (including the defense industries).  We delude ourselves when we think that the news media is reporting events accurately and without bias.

The anti-war or peace movement(s) must be able to effectively expose and counter this pernicious propaganda for war.  Chang points out that this is why the anti-war movement has been woefully ineffective in the past in preventing war initiated by the Zionist Anglo-American war machine.  The psychological operations (PSYOPS) used by the war mongers to shape and influence public perceptions and opinions are often hard to detect and thus hard to expose and counter. 

Another lesson offered early in the book is that war is big business but it is an expensive business.  It is really only with fiat and artificial money creation that wars can be undertaken.  Those who argue for sound money (such as Ron Paul) correctly point out that without artificial money creation by central banks wars would be too expensive for countries to afford and would not be so cavalierly undertaken.

One might think that wars arise or come about from conflicts among nation states that are not resolved through diplomacy and negotiations.  But war making states manufacture incidents or “pretexts” for initiating wars even in the absence of serious inter-state conflicts.  Consider the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964 – which may not have even happened.  This is what was used to justify the entire Vietnam war that killed millions of Vietnamese, most of whom were poor peasants?!  If a North Vietnamese gunboat fires on a US Navy ship in international waters, the more appropriate action would be to sink the gunboat and inform Hanoi that such incidents in the future will elicit the same response. End of story.

If you are upset about torture of prisoners and captives in wartime, Chang informs us that torture follows war as night follows day.  To get rid of torture, we must eliminate war.

To maintain a war economy (as even during the Cold War, the US had very large defense budgets), the state of fear must be maintained.  Mass psychology plays a role here in manipulating public opinion.

Chang also gives us the relatively hidden history of the British and American mind control experiments and other intelligence service dirty tricks around the world over the past several decades.  So many false flag operations have been the work of British intelligence services and the American CIA.  What he points out is that the war mongers have absolutely no respect for human life and have no ethical principles.  Not surprisingly, they constantly lie to us.  There are parts of the book that really are quite disturbing.

Chang calls for the heads of state (George W. Bush and Tony Blair) and other relevant government ministers (such as Donald Rumsfeld, various neocon advisors (Perle, Wolfowitz), etc.) that are responsible for the illegal invasion (many Iraqi civilians were killed or maimed) and occupation of Iraq to be brought to justice, including the death sentence to be imposed upon these war criminals.  (Bear in mind that this book first appeared in the US in 2006.)  As well, and to his credit, Chang insists that those enablers (really accomplices as he calls them) in the media that spread the propaganda that convinced the public that the war was both necessary and just need to also be tried in court and punished.  His point – and it is a valid one – is that until these war mongers are brought to justice, their kind will continue to start wars.  Bringing these war criminals to justice including execution of death sentences will serve the two-fold purpose of deterring other war mongers and punishing those guilty of heinous crimes against innocent peoples and crimes against peace.

I do credit Chang for pointing out that the Zionist-British-American war mongers who have, since 1945, started and conducted illegal and unnecessary wars are guilty under the same indictments and principles that were established and reaffirmed at Nuremberg after World War II.  Chang quotes these indictments from the Nuremberg trials.  On this blog, we have gone further and said more than once that the victorious Western Allies and the Soviet Union were guilty of the same crimes during World War II that they charged the defeated Germans with, and on a far larger scale.

There are many other lessons in this critically important work.

conclusions drawn from the book

What we have to look forward to is the continual push for more wars.  At this time, we hear the cries for war with Iran.  President Trump has surrounded himself with war hawks and is pretty much under the control of his Jewish handlers (also known as “neocons”).  Twice in as many years, the US has launched Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syria based on hearsay (and erroneous) reports of chemical attacks against Syrian civilians allegedly done by the Syrian government.  These are illegal actions.  And, make no mistake, although Obama did not take US troops into any new hot wars, his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, worked to destabilize North Africa and the Middle East with this phony so-called Arab Spring.  Does any honest person seriously believe that the people of Libya are better off now after old Moammar Ghaddafi was toppled from power?  We hear reports of slave markets in a fractured Libya today.  The seven-year old war in Syria has yet to oust Assad from power (demanded by Israel), but it has caused incredible amounts of misery to the Syrian people and many (millions) of the refugees flowing into Europe these past few years have been from Syria (that is called “blow-back”).

our criticism

Our one criticism of the book and author is that he does not apply the same critical analysis to the conflagration that was the Second World War.  The outcome of that war significantly changed the course of world history.  The same forces (Zionist – British – American war cabal, and military-industrial-banking complex) were at work in causing the problems in Europe to become a full-blown world war.  An obscure and little known book, Uncovering the Forces for War, by Conrad Grieb (1947) exposed the villainy of these forces working in the Allied nations to foment war in Europe.  It is not clear whether Mr. Chang did consider these forces operating in the late 1930s and into the 1940s and chose not to address these so as to not make his work even more controversial and “conspiratorial”, or that he simply did not look at the lead up to World War II in this manner.


Our criticism notwithstanding, we will give Chang’s tome 5 stars for its courage in bringing the important content and subject matter to light for a broad audience, and for its comprehensive treatment of the subject.  This book can change your worldview if you read it and carefully consider what it says.  Needless to say, the war mongers do not want you to read it.  Highly recommended.

final comment

It is rather amusing that when we checked this morning to see if this book could be bought on, we saw one review only for this edition.  It was a one star review that complained that the book got “ruined” by getting wet.  Why do people post complaints – not related to the contents of a book – as a review of the book?

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  1. A personal anecdote here. Back in 1980, while an undergraduate at university, I opined to a friend and classmate that I believed that all the generals in the military ought to be replaced with pacifists. He thought that might be going a bit too far. My friend was some years older than me and was a veteran of the Vietnam War.

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