river raft tour on the Colorado – part one

Here are a few highlights from the raft tour of the Colorado River that we enjoyed on 22 September, 2017.

In this first image, we see sky, canyon walls, and the river.



As we begin the tour, we are just below the nearby Glen Canyon Dam.



There were many tourists (on holiday) from Germany on the tour.



In this next view, we see one area where the sandstone canyon wall is in shade.



Let’s go back and start at the beginning of the tour.  From the tour company’s office in Page, Arizona, we were bused through the walls of the canyon to the boat dock just below the Glen Canyon Dam (completed in the mid 1960s).  The service tunnel we were driven through appears to be from the time of the construction of the dam.

After exiting the bus, we were led down to the dock for boarding the river rafts.



With 2 busloads of visitors, there were multiple rafts taking part in this river tour.



This was the raft for our group.



Now, we are leaving the dock area and going out on the river.



A look back and up yields this stunning view of the concrete hydroelectric dam and highway suspended bridge.  The blue sky and white clouds add to the visual beauty of the scene.



Minutes later, we again see the dam and auto bridge behind us.  Our tour guide, a local Navajo young woman, is operating the raft as we move down river.



Looking ahead of the raft, we catch a portion of the sun beating down on us and the river in the early afternoon.  This was the time of equinox, where the days and nights are of equal length the world over.



An interesting view here of the sky with clouds over the canyon walls along the river.



This next image was either taken a few moments later or we zoomed the lens of the camera.  The raft is moving towards a bend or curve in the river’s course.



In full on sunlight, we can see where the sheer rock walls reach right down into the water.



Looking up above the river, the timeless rock walls and cliffs stand out against the blue sky.  Barely visible are what appear to be electric power lines coming from the dam.



A social event, river visitors on nearby rafts wave and shout “hello” to the other rafts.



Another scene along the river.



On the raft, we see a happy tourist.  This tour was enjoyable and relaxed.  We chatted a little with some of our raft mates.



There are various colors and shades in the canyon’s rock walls.



As we continue along on this 3 hour round trip tour, we take in and enjoy the ever present trio of sky, rock walls, and water.



Minutes later, we progress through one of the many bends or curves in the river canyon.



The changing angle of the sun overhead alters the colors and shades we see.



We conclude part one (of two) of our photo essay with this pic.  The gentleman in red shirt was fun to chat with.  He was from Jacksonville, Florida.  Most of the state of Florida had been hit hard by a couple of hurricanes just days before.  This man told us that he needed a vacation before commencing the cleanup work on his home.  He filmed in video format some of the river tour.



. . . . to be continued . . . . 


copyright 2018 – larrysmusings.com


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