the paradoxes of a progressive paradise

Our blog’s tagline says that we are part social critic.  With that in mind, we present our take on the current state of San Francisco and present some troubling paradoxes in this “progressive” paradise.  The current pernicious group think is enough to lead one to believe in the reality of contagious and collective psychoses.  (Perhaps San Francisco is the largest open air mental institution in the world.  One rarely looks into the eyes of people on the streets here for fear of seeing unrestrained madness.  This holds whether the ones you pass on the street are on or off their meds.)  As well, pragmatic solutions to pressing social problems are dismissed out of hand if these contradict the dogmatic ideology of the so-called progressives.  Ideology trumps not only reason and common sense in this town, but also human life, as we shall see.

Disclaimer:  When a person questions the progressive orthodoxy, he/she can be smeared as being racist, sexist (misogynist), “anti-gay” or homophobic, anti-immigrant, and even “anti-Semitic”, as well as heartless.  Be that as it may, as a current resident of this city, I will offer some of my thoughts today.  And, name calling did not bother me much 50 years ago in the school yard, and it bothers me even less now.  It is no secret that the city government here is effectively controlled by the city’s LGBTQX community, an extremely self-interested and self-promoting, special interest pressure group numbering in the several tens of thousands.




For the sake of brevity, we will only highlight a few areas of concern, but there are more, to be sure.

If progressive policies were effective, why then do we have a continuing serious problem of homelessness in this city?  This has been a problem for at least 35 years now.  Back in 1983, I was living across the bay while attending graduate school, and homelessness was a problem in San Francisco at that time.  One wonders if the city’s accommodative policies towards the homeless have served to attract many homeless persons from around the country, who after scraping together a few dollars can buy a one way bus ticket to this city.  This is no joke nor exaggeration.  Homeless persons have been interviewed over the years by local news media and some of them admit to coming here from cities far away.  Then mayor, Willie Brown, said in an interview in 1999 (appearing in the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper) about the homeless problem “that it may not be solvable.”  I read this to mean that if liberal approaches could not solve the problem then the problem was not solvable by human efforts.

A related problem and one that has gotten progressively worse in recent years in this purportedly progressive city is that of intravenous drug addicts leaving used needles all over the city (on buses and trains, in the parks, on the sidewalks and even on the front entryways to private homes) and also now shooting up (injecting themselves) in public in the daytime (as at the Civic Center and Powell Street public transit stations).  How do we define and measure social progress and so-called social justice in this city?  It seems that public safety is taking a back seat to more politically correct themes and objectives.

What about property crimes?  We must bear in mind that progressives, especially those of the far Left, have contempt for private property.  The local district attorney’s office has not made the investigation and prosecution of property crimes a priority.  You cannot go for a walk of more than a few blocks in this city without seeing broken car glass.  (We live in the Sunset District and walk through our neighborhood and in nearby Golden Gate Park often, and see this.)  Although the statistics published give the idea that there are on average about 100 car smash and grab break-ins each day, there are many such incidents that are not reported.  The true figure is not known but is likely significantly higher, perhaps even an average of 150 to 200 incidents each day.  As well, laptop computers are snatched from patrons at restaurants and sidewalk cafes in this city.  Tourists and residents are robbed of valuables (cell phones, cameras, watches, etc.) in this city frequently.  Some of these robberies end in the homicide of the victims.  My advice for prospective tourists or visitors to San Francisco: delete this city from your list of desired holiday or vacation destinations.

What can we say about juries in this city that make political statements with their verdicts while completely ignoring the facts of the court cases they participated in?  One such recent example was the verdict rendered in the Kate Steinle case late last year.  An illegal alien, who had been previously deported 5 times, picked up a gun and fired it with the result that this young woman was hit by a bullet from the gun he fired, and then died.  If one can think, then one would conclude that the defendant was guilty of at least manslaughter.  The local jury acquitted the defendant of all charges but a relatively minor gun possession charge.  This is but one example of where progressive ideology takes precedence over the value of innocent human life in this progressive paradise by the bay.

Another recent example also calls into question the sincerity and decency of so-called progressives and social justice warriors.  Last week, hundreds took to the streets near city hall and federal buildings here in San Francisco to give vent to their disapproval of the US immigration enforcement officers separating children from their parents at the border while these were attempting to enter the US illegally.  (These recent actions at the US-Mexico border were covered worldwide by major news outlets such as France 24 and RT.)  Yet, what these protestors were obviously ignorant of is that some of these children were in fact being rescued from human traffickers posing as their parents.  But, more to the point, why can these same caring individuals never be found protesting the sexual abuse of children that goes on in the foster care system in this country?  More poignantly to the point still, why do these same folks not protest the ongoing sexual exploitation and slavery of underage children (many of whom have been brought into the country illegally) in the illegal sex trade in this very city?!!  Troubling questions indeed.  These are examples of how progressive ideology trumps and steamrolls over human lives.  As well, you will never (never ever) see progressives outside of the city’s abortion centers offering abortion bound mothers loving alternatives to abortion.  It is only the very few authentic Christians left in this sad city that offer that help to women in crisis pregnancies.

Enough.  By now you either catch my point or you don’t.


As I have been threatened by city officials with very unpleasant consequences if I fail to appear for jury service (in criminal court) next week, it may prove amusing what I will hear in the waiting room for prospective jurors at that time.  If I am put in the jury box and asked if I can be objective in a trial, I will inform the court that it is not any particular defendant that is the problem for me, but rather the corrupt judiciary in this country.  As well, I will go unfiltered and point out that it will be quite difficult for me to sit on a local jury given the propensity of these to make political statements and ignore the critical facts of the case at hand.

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