We absolutely must avoid group think if we are ever to succeed in bringing about constructive change in our societies.  Group think, which is encouraged by the power elites – who, from behind the scenes, pull our strings as puppet masters – is effectively a highly contagious and collective psychosis.  Group think is for the slothful, those individuals too damn lazy to use their God-given reasoning ability to constructive purposes.

That is my thought for this Thursday, 5 July, 2018.

Below are links to recent, thought provoking and informative essays from other bloggers that merit being more widely read and thought about.

Our feature image is from Lake Powell not very far from Glen Canyon Dam in northernmost Arizona.



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quality links of interest

From a woman blogger in Los Angeles, we have this post, Why Being Independent is Immature:



For parents and concerned citizens, here is an important article on the danger of vaccines to babies’ lives and health.

Vaccines and Sudden Infant Death


A beautiful image posted from Bulgaria in far off Europe:



Ever wondered about the interaction between bird species?  This is an interesting read on crows and ravens:

Crows are always the bullies when it comes to fighting with ravens


Here is a good thought for the day and for enjoying life.

Thought of The Day


Tradition, reason and experience are discussed here as means to ascertaining truth:

Blaise Pascal’s three ways to know truth from bullshit


This next post makes the argument that so much of the impassioned divisiveness, identity politics, and fragmentation in society today is due to the breakdown of the traditional family as the basic social unit of human society.



“Andrea”, who it appears may be posting from the Far East in Japan, gives us this no holds barred critique of the power dynamic in play in the US where both Jews and Gentiles alike work to further exclusively Jewish interests in the world.  Do not be put off by the long title.  Some bloggers try to put forth a summary of their post in the title.  This is thought provoking and worth the several minutes to read it.



On this blog, as long time readers know, we have been quite critical of the religious error (really a contemporary heresy) within Christianity today of Christian Zionism (mainly a problem in Protestantism here in the US).  This next essay written from an Orthodox Christian perspective (as in Greek or Russian Orthodox Church) exposes the serious errors of contemporary Christian Zionism.



From the Mystery Worshipper blog, this post tells of the passion for Israel among “Judaized” Christians.  The question posed at the end is essentially: who will these Judaized Christians choose to worship and serve, Jesus or the Jews?



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