book review for Tales from Silver Lands


Reading folk tales and short stories has been very enjoyable over the years for me.  There are good collections of folk tales or folklore from many parts of the world in book form.  The below book is one such good collection, and makes for pleasant summer reading.



book details

Title: Tales from Silver Lands

Author: Charles J. Finger

Publisher: Dover Publications (2017), originally published in New York in 1925 by Doubleday, Page and Company.  ISBN: 978-0-486-82093-4  Softcover, 225 pages.

short review

This is a collection of 19 tales or short stories gathered during the author’s travels in South America (America del Sur).  These are indigenous stories that sample the folklore of the individual groups that the author came in contact with during his travels nearly a century ago.

As with many folk tales the world over, there is often a conflict between good and evil that is resolved through struggle and personal sacrifice, with the good – the hero or heroine – eventually overcoming their adversaries.  The power of love, the love of families, with the love of children for their parents and vice versa, and the love of man and woman figure prominently in these tales of wonder and adventure.  As well, there is a recurring, underlying theme in several of the stories that man, humans, can live in harmony with nature and be happy.  We read of giants or ogres, talking animals, magical beings, witches, and jealous, scheming, greedy stepmothers, and animals in human form in these stories.  All the stories are easy to read.

This is the kind of collection that can be enjoyed by both old and young.  Parents with small children could read these stories to their children.

rating and recommendation

On a scale of 5 stars, I will give this book 5 stars.  The stories hearken back to a time of greater innocence and greater appreciation of the simple things in life, and yet these inform us with timeless lessons on values and human character.  Good summer time reading.  Recommended.

resources and links

Dover Publications is a good source for quality soft cover reprints at affordable prices on a wide range of subjects.  Dover has books for all ages and for all interests.  They do have sales periodically throughout the year where book lovers can save up to 40 or even 50 per cent off the cover price of various titles.  Here is the link to their website.

Some Dover titles can also be found at reduced prices over at Hamilton Books.  (Just search by publisher for Dover.)  In fact, it was from Hamilton that I procured my copy of the above book as part of a larger order.  Here is the link to that large selection discount online bookseller.

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