Ayutthaya ruins and other images

We now present various images taken in the Ayutthaya area in Thailand.



The artistry and craftsmanship in these stone buildings and statuary are truly impressive.



A tropical sky and humid air in May, 2018.



As we shall see, a tourist might call Thailand the land of 10,000 Buddha statues.



Earlier, seen through the tinted glass of a tour bus, this roadside stupa was photographed.



My wife, Lucy, on holiday, enjoying the tour of the ruins.



A seated Buddha in stone.



Perhaps, there has been some damage to the original stone work here.  We doubt this is modern abstract art on display.



More of the grounds and the humid sky above.



Another nearby and related view.



This tower is reminiscent of Angkor Wat in Cambodia or some of the elaborate Hindu temples in the south of India.



This appears to be one of the images taken by my brother-in-law and using some enhanced feature of his camera.



Below: The head of the Buddha or of one of the many Bodhisattvas.  As Thai Buddhism is more akin to the Hinayana (“lesser vehicle”) form of Buddhism, I think this is Buddha.

It is interesting to consider that the tree trunk and roots likely grew up over time around this stone sculpted head.  The many years that have passed may have encompassed several human lifetimes.



A Buddha in stone in sitting posture (“lotus” position).



2 successive side views of the same stone Buddha.



Further back now.



We add some color now with this image.  Follow the yellow brick road to a closer view of the shrine in the distance.



Traditional Thai architectural style is seen here.



Buddhas in stone that have “seen” countless sunrises and sunsets over the centuries.



Another look from a different angle makes for an intriguing view.



Another color enhanced pic with a leaning tower to the left of center.



We must opine that with excessive color enhancement or exaggeration, the image looks fanciful and not realistic.



Natural colors here in this next scene.



Trees are no doubt welcomed for both the shade they offer and their beauty.



Another scene.



We include this photo for the water and the reflection seen in it.



Yet another Buddha among the impressive stone work.



Tourists leisurely walking and taking pictures.



Not sure if this is a Banyan tree or just a large tree that does well in the tropics.



A smaller view of the standing Buddha seen near the start of this photo essay.



Tall pillars in stone.  Note the lights at bottom.  This would be interesting to walk through at night with the lights turned on.



A visitor can tell that these various monuments were layed out with a plan and in places form plazas.



Two carvings of the Buddha can be seen in this image.



A seated stone Buddha is seen among the stone pillars.



Another nearby view.



Stunning stonework here!  The more that I look at this, the more appealing this shot becomes.



The tree offers us its colors.



A fitting parting shot here – a timeless invitation for introspective meditation and the hope for higher consciousness.



copyright 2018 – larrysmusings.com


  1. Haven’t been to Thailand and would admit this piece is a teaser. The architecture and stone masonry are amazing …. is it still the in-thing in Thailand? I really love stone sculpture. Kudos to the photographers.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. If we get more time in the coming weeks, we will post more images from my wife’s holiday there this previous May. Cannot say, but I think the stone architecture is probably from the past as there are several good historical sites in the country.

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