Protecting women . . . . from themselves?

We often hear about the need to protect women and girls from predatory and abusive males in this age of equality; but, how, pray tell, can we protect women and girls from their very own poor judgement?

How do we legislate (or issue a sweeping edict or diktat from on high at the Supreme Court) against that (female emotional judgment disorder)?



Being a fair-minded person, I had these thoughts today:

We have no difficulty, no hesitation in respecting and admiring women, who in the way they live their lives, show evidence of having self-respect.  But, it is, dear readers, a bridge too far to expect us to respect these women and girls who behave with reckless abandon, and who willingly engage in self-destructive behaviors.

Should women be given a free pass in all matters, and thus be above legitimate criticism?

Not if we are truly living in an age of equality, rather than a passing period of preferential treatment.

Our observation and prescription is that we need, in the West, to do a better job of raising and instructing our daughters so as to build both healthy self-esteem and character strength in them.*  Character strength will make women less vulnerable to predators.  As well, they will be better able to make constructive, responsible decisions in their daily lives and avoid self-destructive and risky behaviors.

*  This is easier to achieve when the marriage is intact and both father and mother are in the home and play an active role in child rearing.  The last 50 years tells all-  who can be honest and objective in looking at the evidence – that single parent households largely fail in raising children successfully to live constructive and emotionally healthy lives.

other related thoughts

In the Western world, we see the increasing masculinization of women and the concomitant feminization of men, a reversal of natural “gender” roles that serves to create disharmony in society.

We note in passing that the Christian churches in America (both Catholic and Protestant) have shown a bias against men in failing to address the problematic decisions (“choices”) and behavior of women.  Is this out of fear of offending the feminists in the pews?

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