US government exposed: for 30 years, it broke the law on vaccine safety

One wonders about the terrible lack of ethics in government and medicine and its ancillary industries (Big Pharma). Profit – financial gain – is placed ahead of patients’ health and safety. Parents and concerned citizens need to demand both reform and accountability in this area of childhood vaccines, especially given the coercive measures adopted in recent years by many state governments to force children to be vaccinated.

We thank Pam Vernon at for reblogging this last week – that is how we found out about this important article.


  1. I’ve been pointing out the dangers of vaccines for about 10 years now, and I have yet to see a single liberal reverse his or her views on the subject! Liberals are absolutely the most brainwashed people on planet Earth! Or maybe their brains have been reduced to silly-putty from all the vaccines they’ve received! That sounds more likely.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Stephen. Yes, it seems many folks are simply followers and never think to question what is fed to them. Brains reduced to silly-putty – haha.

    2. I’m a liberal, and as was expected, vaccinated all 4 of my children, (they’re mostly grown now) like a dutiful mom should. I had nothing but condescending disdain for anti-vaxxers, and considered them sub-par parents and intellectually challenged. I pitied them basically.
      A few years ago, My only daughter had a wellness check-up at 14…the pediatrician’s office initiated it..great!
      The Dr. did her thing, then stated it was time for my daughter’s Gardisil shot for HPV.
      She handed me a paper, and the medical assistant got everything ready.
      “Is this the one we have to get so we don’t get cancer mom?” She had obviously seen the scare tactic commercials, so she was down and ready for it.
      I had NEVER questioned any of my kids’ shots before. Never.
      This one didn’t feel right. Like in my bones, I had an ominous feeling about it.
      I asked the doctor some questions, and she was WAY too positive about it. No side effects that you’ve seen? Ever? Nope.
      I told her I needed to research more and I’d get back to her.
      Oh my God.
      The things I was reading were mind blowing. I felt like everything I thought I knew about how things are supposed to be…that there is NO way any agency or pharmaceutical company could POSSIBLY get away with intentionally sabatoging our children’s health for profit? That’s absurd!!!
      I literally read every single solitary study I could…then I would cross check who sponsored with grant money the positive ones.
      I now know that the drastic emotional and intellectual changes in my youngest son 24 hours after his MMR shot were not a fluke.
      I am furious. Beyond furious. I want to scream from a mountaintop that we have been duped in ways that are inexplicable.
      And it’s a very helpless feeling.
      (2 months later we went back to my daughter’s pediatrician for a sports physical, and when I told her we would NOT be getting the Gardisil vaccine, EVER, she left the room, brought in a sheet stipulating I opted her out, and she left without a word.
      Two weeks later she fired us. )

      1. Thank you Carole, for your comment.

        It is good that you acted to protect your daughter. Hopefully, you informed your friends and relatives of what you learned as to the dangers of vaccines.

        “I’m a liberal, and as was expected, vaccinated all 4 of my children, . . .” On that score, we cannot help you. Why is the default position for so many women to be a liberal? Is it the corrupted educational system, the toxic culture and mass media, or is it part of the wiring of the female brain?

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