While away on holiday recently, our pet house cat was taken care of by relatives.  Here are some pictures taken of Yoyo while we were away.



A curious pose here while he was in a new environment.



Here the cat is sitting on the couch.



We see this frequently – the cat folds one front paw under his chest.



Getting ready to curl up for a nap.



He needs the person with the camera to leave the area so he will drop his defensive alertness so he can sleep.



At another time, we see this close up.  The curvature of his eye gives him the far sightedness we have seen much evidence of.



Another close up view.



Too close for comfort here.



Sitting on his blanket in a chair.



The cat lies on his side for the camera.



Yoyo cleans his fur several times a day, and it is very soft and silky smooth to the touch.



Here, he is sleeping comfortably.



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