Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Texas – part two

About halfway through the drive, the visitor reaches “The Overlook” with a café, Nature Store, and Children’s Animal Center.  Here, in the parking lot, there are several safari type tour buses.



As you enter the Nature Store, look up to see this.



A plaque acknowledging the contributions received from 2 foundations.



Here, we are looking down on the areas that we drove through to arrive at this overlook point.



The grounds of the overlook area between the Nature Store and Children’s Animal Center.



Animals at rest in the shade.



A goat takes a drink of water (inside the Children’s Animal Center).



Emus, a very large species of bird from far off Australia.



This rock pile on the grounds made for a photo opportunity.  Note the ever present water bottle on shoulder strap.



An informative sign on the wall of the animal center.



The animal center has had animal births over the years.



From this poster, we read that the ostrich in Africa can live 30 to 40 years in the wild.  The emu in Australia can only expect a lifespan of 5 to 10 years in the wild.



The scale of animals’ heights on the wall is interesting.  The top or tallest animal on the scale is the ostrich, while the red wolf is near to the bottom.  The White Rhino at shoulder height is taller than the Emu.



This is a serious and real issue.  Keeping plastics out of rivers and oceans is more important than worrying about so-called manmade global warming.



Dinosaur tracks are found in this part of Texas.  (See our earlier post on the nearby state park that has some fossilized dinosaur trackways.)



Inside the Nature Store (gifts and souvenirs), a visitor sees a wide selection of items.  It was good to see hand-made crafts from Africa (these were hand carved animals – not visible in this photo).



….to be continued . . . .

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