Why White Men Fall for Asian Women

Here is some “red meat” for our readers to chew on this Tuesday.

This reblogged post (written by a woman) does make one think and consider some politically incorrect but important questions. With all the antipathy towards white folks in today’s world, do Whites or ethnic Europeans have a future? (Currently, whites make up only about 10 per cent of the world’s population.)

Hommunism News

(source) In places as different as multicultural Paris and rural Germany, I have met white men who have dated and even married Asian or Indian women. Why would tall, high-IQ, good-looking European men who have plenty of options prefer black haired, dark-brown eyed, exotic woman to native Nordics?

It seems that all these men started dating European women but eventually ended up with an Asian or Indian women because they were more easy going and less challenging. They also were better-groomed, were modest and adorable, and all of them could cook.

Unlike many of today’s white women, most Asian and Indian women accept hierarchy in relationships, and rarely shout at a man even when they are angry. Their typically small physiques also may give them a certain cuteness.

Men yearn for femininity

In this anti-white-male world—in which it seems white women are almost deliberately trained to be a…

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  1. I left this as a comment on that site:

    Great article! I just had a thought: Why isn’t anybody TEACHING these principles to white European women? Prior to 50 years ago, most of these principles were naturally passed on from mothers to their daughters. But the family unit has been under systematic attack ever since then, and a vacuum in this area developed. Most women are being encouraged to pursue careers instead of raising a family. So they often don’t have children to impart this knowledge to, even if they had it to begin with.

    Maybe an online school promoting family-oriented issues to mostly young girls or maturing women would be the order of the day. Anything to combat the scourge of feminism would be a vast improvement! Women of course, SHOULD run this school, but hopefully they would accept input from men as to what works and what doesn’t with the opposite sex. This would be a great way for women teachers in this school to not only make money, but be doing something that is urgently needed and of great benefit for society as a whole.

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