The under-recognized epidemic: Millions of people are suffering from mercury poisoning

We have more indications that we are in the Dark Ages of medicine, sorry to say. It may be that through chelation therapy, a person could cleanse their body of toxic heavy metals. Maintain a healthy skepticism towards doctors and dentists as they are neither all-knowing nor infallible!

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

(Natural News) Much of the anxiety, depression, and mental illness that plague people today can be traced back to the biochemical changes that take place after repeated exposure to toxic elements such as mercury (Hg).

Mercury is one of the most potent neurotoxins, yet it is routinely used in medicine. Millions of people are suffering from mercury poisoning because dentists still insert mercury-based dental amalgams in people’s teeth. Over time this mercury leeches into the mouth and into the blood stream. On average, a person will absorb 100 mg  of mercury daily if they have just one dental amalgam. During an operation, mercury is also inhaled.

Mercury negatively affects neurotransmitters, blocks therapeutic effect of antioxidants and minerals

Once inside the body, mercury readily binds to molecules, tissues, and cells, disrupting cellular cycles, causing oxidative stress, mitochondria dysfunction, and harming homeostasis. Exposure to mercury incites behavioral issues, neurological disorders, mood disorders, and…

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  1. I knew about a lady who suffered terrible depression for years. She went to lots of different experts, who couldn’t help her or pinpoint the problem. Then one day she had a tooth filling removed – which had mercury in it – and she said her depression vanished overnight.

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