Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Texas – part three

Here now is the final part of this photo essay on our visit to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center near Glen Rose, Texas.



Resuming the drive through the center’s land, we again encountered giraffes.



This giraffe seeks the shade of a tree in the heat of the day.



A pair of giraffes in this photo.



More animals looking to be fed by tourists.



Another view.



A zebra trots into view.



A pair of close-up shots now.



Even closer now.



He or she is looking us over.



A pair of zebras standing in the shade of a tree.



We are now approaching the cheetah conservancy.  Signs cautioned visitors to remain in their cars.  The cheetahs were in a fenced in part of the wildlife center.  This was necessary as otherwise they would have started to prey upon the plant-eating animals.



Although a little difficult to see, there is a cheetah lying on the ground in the center of this image.



Another scene on the driving tour.



Rhinos lying in the shade.  One adult with one juvenile.



A zoomed in look here.



A solitary wildebeest.



Three individuals in this view.



Another look at these horned animals.



A final look at these animals.



The last view as we are completing the driving tour.



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