Trump and the “safety of Israel”

President Trump mentioned “creating safety for Israel” in referring to the topics that he discussed with Russian President Vladimir Putin in July.  Trump is following in the footsteps of former US presidents, George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, in making service to Israel paramount in his foreign policy (while Reagan worked to bring about the end of the “evil empire” (USSR), he gave Israel a free pass to commit atrocities in Lebanon and acts of war against Iraq in the early 1980s).

Since taking office in January, 2017, President Trump has done several things that serve Israel’s interests but that do not serve the cause of peace and security.  Trump has twice now ordered cruise missiles launched against Syria (April, 2017, and again in April, 2018).  Technically speaking, those are acts of war.  Trump has unilaterally withdrawn the US from the Iran nuclear deal.  The remaining countries (parties) to the deal remain in it.  And, Donald Trump continues to make aggressive and provocative statements against Iran while slapping more economic sanctions on that country.  President Trump, in time for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the modern state of Israel (in May, 1948), ordered the US Embassy in Israel moved to Jerusalem.  As well, we must not overlook that the Trump Administration has not condemned the harsh and, at times, deadly treatment that Israel has meted out to the Palestinian protestors in Gaza this year.

As to creating safety for Israel, we note that Israel is the only country in the Middle East possessing nuclear weapons (which they have possessed since the 1960s).  (Pakistan, a Muslim nuclear power, is a South Asian nation far removed from Israel’s neighborhood.)  What does Israel’s possession of nuclear bombs and the means to deliver these on targets mean for the safety and security of its neighbors?  Ponder that.  Israel does not need the US to create safety for Israel.

We at this blog, as Americans, desire no more wars for the benefit of Israel.  These US wars, including the proxy wars in Syria and Yemen, have killed hundreds of thousands and laid waste to whole countries.  President Trump has surrounded himself with war hawks and Zionist neo cons much like George W. Bush did, and that is indeed worrisome.  Trump is doing exactly everything that his Zionist handlers demand of him.

needed historical analysis and context

Did I miss something in American history?  Was the United States founded in the late 18th century to serve a foreign interest or an alien people?

No, the powerful influence, even control, now exerted by Jews over American policies grew from their mass immigration (from eastern Europe) to the United States during the years 1875 to 1926.  Millions of Jews arrived in America during that time, and many still reside in New York City, which is the 2nd largest Jewish city in the world.  Once Jews enter a host society, they quickly begin to exert pressure to change that host society’s culture, mores (morals), politics and economy to benefit themselves.  That, readers, is what the “Jewish problem” or “Jewish question” is all about.  Jews cannot assimilate to the customs and way of life of the host society in which they live.  They insist (even demand) that the host society change to conform to their values.  And, we see clearly from history if we look close enough, that if a host society resists the Jewish designs for it, Jews foment revolutions to achieve their desired transformation of the host society.  Obligatory disclaimer: this is not so-called “anti-Semitism”, this is reality.  (If you are wondering about the Jewish ownership and control of the mass media in the US, many failing newspapers and radio stations were bought up on the cheap by Jews in the 1930s during the “Depression” that greatly benefitted those whose fortunes were intact.)

Christian Zionists, the enablers and allies of the Jews

It strikes me as odd that Zionized Christians give Jews a free pass all the time.  Such Christians who are sincerely concerned about various current social and moral issues in American society fail to confront the unpleasant fact that Jews work against them on every social and moral issue.  (We have already noted this in previous posts.)  Are we now a Jewish society?  We do, after all, without thinking circumcise our infant males each and every day in the US.  No other industrialized nation practices this.

When I point out the religious error (even heresy) of Christian Zionism to Evangelicals, they categorically reject what I am saying.  I tell them that Jews are no friends of Christians, and that most Jews today are atheists or Talmudists.  They ignore my warnings and in turn warn me of Hell-fire for being critical of the “Chosenites”.  I no longer have any Evangelical friends (their loss, not mine).  I am one of the few people who cares enough to tell them the unpleasant truth.

It cannot be denied that the Israeli lobby and the related Jewish interests would not be nearly so powerful in Washington without the unfailing political support of the 60 million plus Zionized Christians in these United States today.

closing thought

While we like and approve of the reduction in needless and burdensome government regulations domestically that Trump is giving the country and US economy, we cannot approve of or go along with this aggressive foreign policy that only serves the interests of a foreign state and an alien (non-Western, non-Christian) people.

We had to have a feature image, and we picked this one from Lake Powell on the Arizona-Utah border (Sept 2017).



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  1. An excellent, essential post. I try never to miss the opportunity to refer those who know the outlines of the Zionist takeover of the US-cum-the world to Alison Weir’s short-but-so-effective “Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the US Was Used To Create Israel” (2014). But what is truly needed is for those outside the choir to be awakened and to become outraged…one at a time until the crucial tipping point is reached. May Larry and Alison and the numerous others out there find success in this regard. Faster, please….

    1. Thanks Robert for your comment. Yes, the book you mention is a great work, and one which we purchased earlier this year (on Amazon) but have not yet read. I wonder if Amazon has banned this book yet? Ms. Weir has been vilified and branded as “anti-Semitic” for daring to write the book.

      I will continue to do what I can to raise awareness of the harm that the Jewish/Zionist interests are doing in America and around the world. Christians must reject Zionism.

  2. It is the “ puppet – master “ ( jews ) , whom direct the “ cultural marxists / revolutionary provocateurs “ – as their hateful footmen , to destroy and replace , The Grounded Christian White Men – with all Their Flags and Markers and Statues and Heritage Monuments .

    JESUS CHRIST “ is not “ a jew , and He “ does not “ approve , of the so called judeo – christian zionists . JESUS IS A PURE BLOOD – WHITE HEBREW ISRAELITE . ( HE IS OUR GOD AND NEAR KINSMAN . All Real And True Hebrews – are White-Men . However , “ not “ all white appearing men , are real & true Hebrews . ) JESUS is a direct descendant , from The Patriarch Judah ( The Son of Jacob , The Son of Isaac , The Son of Abraham ) , by His pure blood mother Mary ; JESUS IS A PURE BLOOD – WHITE JUDAHITE . On the other hand , a jew is a mix blooded – alien foreigner – a literal bastard : by illegitimate intermarriage and misbegotten progeny . ( According to The Old Testament , The True Hebraic , The Mosaic Law : concerning forbidden miscegenation . )

    JESUS CHRIST was born by a virgin , in Bethlehem . His conception was a miracle – by THE GIFT AND POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST . He is THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF THE FATHER , singularly born , by and in , such a manner . He grew up , in the village of Nazareth , in the region of Galilee . Thus , His recognized identity , was and is , THE NAZARENE MAN FROM GALILEE – THE GALILEAN . ( On the other hand , the jew is named after , and for , and comes from – Jerusalem / Judea )

    (Ed: For the sake of brevity, some of this lengthy comment was deleted.)

    . . . .

    JESUS CHRIST “ is absolutely not “ a jew , and He will ultimately fully reject , all judeo – christian zionists , whom persist , in their shameful & guilty – delusions & sins . Their souls are being stolen , by connivance and by deception and by sophistry . They have the blood iniquity , of shared responsibility , for supporting all the violence and injustice , that the jews perpetrate . Turn away from , “ The False Prosperity Gospels “ – who’s promise is , a fool’s reward . Rather yet – stand on , GOD’S right side , to solely seek , purity and perfection – through only , THE LORD JESUS CHRIST – by His merits alone . Pray to GOD to obtain – THE GIFT AND POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST .

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