Here is a thought provoking post from earlier today. Let us hope that WordPress will not become like the other censors out there.

Apparently, the power elites fear loss of control if the people, “the masses”, have access to a free flow of information. What they fear and do not approve of gets removed from social media. Okay, let’s use other means of communicating with each other such as old fashioned hard copy newsletters if need be.

An anecdote worth noting here is that even with the laws in Europe and the online censorship of any articles that dare to expose the lies of the holocaust story, more and more people are now coming to believe that we have been lied to about that and other major historical events. Control of the access to information is indeed quite powerful.

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(source) In one survey,

  • 75% of tech entrepreneurs voted for Hillary Clinton.
  • 8.8% voted for Trump.
  • 83% back higher taxes,
  • 82% support gun control and another
  • 82% are in favor of socialized medicine.

Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon employees were 4 out of 5 of Bernie Sanders’ top donors.

Cash from Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft poured into the Clinton campaign.

$1.6 million was donated by Google employees to Hillary Clinton and Google employee money is still pouring into competitive congressional races in the midterm elections. The same is true across the tech spectrum.

People have a right to their own political views. But that’s an idea that today’s Silicon Valley rejects.

The internet was born through universities and was experimentally libertarian

The internet was born through universities, hobbyists and neglected labs. It was experimentally libertarian. Two generations later it’s controlled by a handful of monopolistic…

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