salesforce park

These images are of the newly completed Salesforce Park in San Francisco.  This multi-acre park sits atop the new Salesforce Transit Center (also known as the Transbay Transit Center) for multiple public transit companies on the edge of the financial district in downtown San Francisco.

Bear in mind that this is a roof top park.



The columns of water only jet out when a bus arrives below at the transit center.



A plaque welcomes visitors.



We are not sure how these plant species from warmer climes will fair here in foggy and cool SF.  25 miles to the east, these would enjoy a hot inland summer.  This park is located at approx. 122.43 degrees West longitude and approximately 37.77 degrees North latitude.



Down below the park, a visitor passes through the transit center building.



Another nearby view.



A view of the paved path through the rooftop park.



Another nearby view.



Some of the plants in the park.



A desert yucca?  Perhaps, this plant is more at home in the Chihuahua Desert, a thousand miles to the southeast.



On the edge of the financial district, the “South of Market” Street area has some recently built skyscrapers.  The uppermost floors project up into the midday fog.  Make no mistake, the downtown area does get sunny days.  It possess a better “micro” climate than out near the ocean in the western part of the city.



Another look at the now iconic Salesforce Tower, the tallest building in the city.  Other iconic office buildings include the Transamerica Pyramid and the Bank of America Building.  The true heart of the financial district for me is over near the B of A building, where in a few square city blocks there are seemingly countless banks both domestic and foreign-owned (in the area of Montgomery and Sansome Streets intersecting California Street).



Flowering plants.



The roof top park is large enough to host various public events.  It is interesting to see the reflection of one building in the glass of another nearby building.



Another section of the park.



More flowering plants are seen here as full-time residents of the park.



This scene appears to look through the plants down at the transit center building.



Heading back down to street level in this shot.


Painted flowers on the floor.  I guess these may not be painted per se, but are colored stone in the floor material itself.



Apparently, indoors, a visitor does not need a jacket.



A last look at this central area of the transit center.  As this was during lunch time, the place is largely deserted.  No doubt, during the morning and evening commute times, there are many people moving through the facility.



A view outside the lobby area.



A glance up at one of the tall buildings.  Thoughts of the financial district recall to mind the song from some years back, “let’s make lots of money” (by the Pet Shop Boys I think).



Bonus today!  Lucy, after returning from the park at the end of her lunch hour, captures this view from her office a few blocks away.  Yes, she is up on a near top floor in the building in which she works.



A “zoomed” shot of the same view here.  The distortion or reflection in these pics is caused by the glass window that she is looking through here.  This image helps give a better perspective on the size of the rooftop park.



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