post war tribunals: a frantic rush to silence those who knew the truth?

Were the vindictive trials of Germans, both military men and civilians, immediately after the war used to silence permanently (via execution) the voices of those who could contradict the officially accepted and promoted holocaust tale?  The numerous rapid fire “tribunals” (numbering in the hundreds across Germany in the various zones of occupation in the years 1945, 1946, and 1947). with the near immediate executions without legal appeals once verdicts were rendered, also served to intimidate any who might dare to cast doubt on the grotesque, anti-German atrocity propaganda we in the West accepted as “history”.

While reading of the trial of Dr. Bruno Tesch and Herr Weinbacher (from the company, Tesch and Stabenow, that sold the now infamous (and erroneously so) Zyklon-B, a fumigation agent for killing typhus carrying lice), it struck me that the rapid fire postwar Allied tribunals in Germany in 1945 and continuing in 1946 and 1947, with their preordained guilty verdicts in many cases, and the numerous death sentences rendered, were a de facto orchestrated action to eliminate witnesses that could contradict the official atrocity propaganda that we know as “the holocaust”.  Tesch’s and Weinbacher’s trial (really show trial is more correct) began on March 1, 1946 and appears to have concluded in April.  They were hanged on May 16, 1946.  (One thing to note about these various trials and tribunals in Germany following the war, in many proceedings, witnesses who wanted to give testimony for the defendants were not allowed to do so.  As well, since defendants could not claim innocence by asserting that the alleged crimes did not occur, defendants on trial for their lives of necessity adopted a defense strategy of accepting that the alleged crimes occurred but that they did not have any personal involvement in these.)

We have long ago concluded that the holocaust story was quite early on used and promoted, in no small part, to divert attention away from the heinous and hellish war crimes and barbarities committed by the victorious and vindictive Allies.  And, these war crimes of the Allies continued on a larger scale after the end of the war in Europe (in May, 1945) during the occupation of Germany in the mid to late 1940s.  (We have previously discussed these abominable actions of the Allies on this blog.)  In addition, in the highly passionate, emotional state of the public consciousness in the Allied nations in 1945, the emerging holocaust story was a post facto rationalization or justification for the terribly destructive and costly war in Europe.  What is more, the fabricated holocaust tale was, in the minds of the occupying powers, the moral justification for their then current and ongoing crimes against the defeated Germans that they were committing in this period (1945 – 1950).  (Of course, as we all know, the holocaust story has been put to other uses in the 73 years since the end of the war.)

Clearly, living persons who could contradict the officially propagated dogma of the holocaust had to be silenced and prevented from later on going public with their statements.  By trying these many individuals in show trials (that violated many long accepted norms of criminal judicial proceedings), and then quickly executing them (by hanging) without considering any legal appeals, the Allies effectively silenced many knowledgeable persons of integrity that presented a threat of exposure of both their heinous crimes and of their many lies (atrocity propaganda, the worst of which is the monstrous lie of the holocaust tale).

Just some food for thought for interested readers.

The account of the trial of Tesch and Weinbacher (written by the late Dr. William Lindsey) is found in this banned book (banned on Amazon by its thought police):  Auschwitz: The Final Count, edited by the late Vivian Bird (book is pictured below), and published by The Barnes Review.

Interested readers in the US can purchase many banned books on the holocaust, on World War II, and on Adolf Hitler and other topics at the

We have purchased many “banned” books over the past year and a half (as a protest against Amazon’s March, 2017 mass banning of inconvenient, politically incorrect books); and these, when read and thought about, do give the reader some much needed balance and a broader, more informed perspective when considering the events of the 20th century and how our world became the way it is now.



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