One reason why you are not creating the life you want!

Yes, we will benefit by remembering that we cannot live in the past or in the future, but need to live in the present. Learn from the past, and plan for the future, but remember to act and live constructively in the present. This reblogged post makes the case well.

The Power of the Unlimited Woman


One of my favorite analogy’s about carrying too much baggage in life is the creatively expressed in Eryka Baduh’s song Bag Lady. The song depicts a woman carrying her past and missing opportunities and good relationships that are right in front of her .

Rational thinking says, “if one is carrying something, shouldn’t they be able to put it down at any time?” This may seem like a simple concept, but carrying bags is not the issue. The issue keeps us from creating the life we want is when we are enslaved to our past. Making yourself a prisoner to the thoughts of how things used to be and should be based on your past. When you allow thoughts like, “I remember when Bryan used to love me” “I wish I had that $50,000 I misused in in 2002” “I wish my job never laid me off”… the list goes on and on. We all knew someone like this, or maybe it is you!

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