Ziad Ahmed Revisited — Jews, Muslims, and the Politics of Holiness

This fiery piece may be an eye opener for some readers. We say again: we only present the reality of the dilemma. It is up to individual readers to form their own conclusions. Reader discretion is advised.

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Ziad Ahmed wrote ‘Black Lives Matter’ 100x times on his application essay and was rewarded with admission to Stanford University, beating out other applicants who took their essays seriously. (Stanford’s act of ‘social justice’ was clearly a case of corruption whereby worthier candidates were passed over in favor of the trendy virtue-signaler. How ironic that justice, which is supposed to defend fairness against corruption, is utterly blind to its own corruption of favoring the correct over the credentialed. Worse, the fact that there was no real effort to challenge Ahmed’s undeserved admission indicates that America is not only increasingly corrupt but utterly craven. Apparently, blacks are holy and magical. That being the case, it wouldn’t be good sport to reverse the admission of a kid who wrote BLM a 100x, right?)

Anyway, does Ahmed’s fame(or notoriety) signal the rise of Muslim power in America? Are Muslims prepped to join…

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  1. Thank goodness Jeff Sessions sided with a group suing Harvard for racial discrimination. NBC reported on it too which was quite interesting in my opinion. NBC is notorious for pushing subversive propaganda.

    “No American should be denied admission to school because of their race,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions in announcing that the Justice Department filed a document known as a statement of interest, allowing the government to support one side in civil lawsuits between two private parties.


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