troubling, unresolved concerns about September 11, 2001

With another painful anniversary of the September 11 attacks, we, as a nation, are still burdened with troubling and thus far unanswered questions.

We provide links to 2 videos on YouTube that address some troubling questions about 9/11.

In this first video of 59 minutes length, the money trail is looked at, or really we should write in the plural as in money trails.  For those pressed for time, you can skip to 44:44 for talk of the missing trillions of dollars in transactions at the Pentagon which Donald Rumsfeld publicly spoke about the day before the attacks (9/10/01).  The “plane” that hit the Pentagon the next day killed 34 of the accountants and budget management personnel that might have been able to shed some light on the culture of financial corruption at the Pentagon.  As well, many financial records were lost at the Pentagon that day (9/11/01) from the resulting fire.  Coincidence?  If so, quite convenient.  It does make one wonder.

At 50:37, the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) is discussed.  The PNAC is basically a Zionist Neocon project that in the late 1990s was acknowledging the need for a Pearl Harbor type event to galvanize the American people to support the project’s agenda.

At 53:57, we hear that the SEC had offices in Building 7 of the WTC, and was investigating the ENRON corporation for its massive financial fraud and crimes.  When this building suddenly collapsed several hours after the twin towers had imploded, thousands of critical (and relevant) records were destroyed.  Another troubling coincidence.

But, if you have the time, listen to the entire 59 minutes.  No doubt, you will learn much that you were not aware of about the systemic corruption and incompetency throughout the US government and about the financial winners from the attacks.  The cyber crime and hijacking and taking control of various financial computer networks on and just before 9/11 is indeed very troubling.



Many citizens have come to question the Saudi involvement and the possible Israeli involvement in the attacks.  Was 9-11 a joint project of the Mossad and Saudi intelligence?

In the next video, there is an interview with Christopher Bollyn that builds upon (and obviously draws from) the work of the late Victor Thorn (1962 – 2016).  The evidence that Israel and Jews in the US helped bring about the terror attacks on America of 9/11/01 is discussed.  (The possible smears and shrill cries of “anti-Semitism” aside, this interview is worth listening to.)

One must dare to ask:  Who has benefited from the so-called War on Terror launched by President George W. Bush 17 years ago?  Of course, US defense firms (arms companies) have benefitted from all the defense spending.  But, we must look at who has benefitted abroad, outside of the US.  Really, no nation other than Israel has benefitted.  The US now threatens or takes out (as in regime change or national destruction) any state that Israel does not like (Iraq, Libya, Syria (so far, an incomplete project in that Assad is still in power) and Iran are examples).  Hundreds of thousands have been killed or maimed in these countries, and in the case of Syria, millions displaced.  (And, the use by the US of so-called spent uranium artillery shells and munitions is a war crime as these chemically toxic shells (independent of any residual radioactivity) cause severe health problems and birth defects in the areas these are used in.)



17 years later, we still do not have closure nor the truth needed for closure.  Perhaps, the only thing that is clear is that the official story (for public consumption) is obviously false.

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  1. The future is looking grim. If the US can’t even keep their own affairs in order, then they have no chance of ever making America “great.” Just a meandering zombie tethered to a grotesque pustulous beast; doing its bidding of singing songs and obscene dance. Everyone looks on in horror but no one dares come close because the disease is infectious.

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