The Day Amazon Murdered History – a video summary

It is hilarious, as one commenter wrote, that Amazon offers for sale a book (ISBN: 978-1-59148-197-3) that slams it for its mass book banning in early March, 2017!  Kafkaesque or Orwellian?

We read our copy (purchased through a revisionist online book club, available here ) last night.  We were not aware that Amazon offered this book for sale, and only stumbled upon this fact when we searched for this video on YouTube.  39 minutes of great info and it is free.  Watch soon, as this video could be removed from YouTube at any time.

Readers are encouraged to reach their own conclusions.  Our conclusion is that the revisionists have researched and written their historical accounts to a much higher standard of evidence (forensic (including chemical and physical realities), documentation from the period in question, and eye-witnesses who contradict those many holocaust “survivors”).

Bear in mind that Amazon had been under pressure for several years to ban books (in print and Kindle formats) that dare to question the official holocaust narrative.  Jett Rucker, in the forward to the book, opines that this concerted, orchestrated attempt to get Amazon to ban these books was due in large part because the weight and force of revisionist research in recent years was gaining much momentum with many people coming to see the holocaust as monstrous propaganda – and that was too much to bear for the Zionists.

Why do the Jews invest so much in protecting and promoting the holocaust narrative?  Why are school age children indoctrinated with the official narrative under compulsion by the State in many countries?  And, why, if Amazon is concerned with so-called anti-Semitic books and “hate speech”, are many other books that fall into those categories still widely available on Amazon (as the video and book point out)?!

Watch and share the video.  And, fight for freedom of speech and thought!



Here is a link to a blog post that is recommended in the above book:

the victories of revisionism

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