Consider this (from this short reblogged post):
“Normal cognition feeds on honest perception. It assesses truth based on what is seen, heard, and felt of the real world. But PC injects the cognitive faculty with fantastical notions, and resultant ideological hallucinations distort even honest perceptions that are misread. “

Recall the words from the song, Show Don’t Tell, by RUSH (Canadian rock band): “You can twist perceptions
Reality won’t budge”

Read and ponder what Andrea has written.

Andrea Daily & Weekly

Congressman Steve King said the West cannot preserve its cultural legacy with somebody else’s babies or children. Europeans and European-Americans are members of a racial-cultural-historical family. They are unique and not replaceable by other peoples.

King’s sentiments are not unlike the dramatic tension in THE CHANGELING, the movie by J. Michael Straczynski & Clint Eastwood.

In the movie, a mother’s child goes missing, and he is replaced with another boy who is not her son. She insists the kid isn’t hers, and naturally she’s unwilling to pretend that her real child has been restored. She can’t pretend that this new kid(who is not her real son) is as dear to her as her real child. But the INSTITUTIONS demand that she accept the kid as ‘hers’. If not, she will be deemed sick in the head and treated accordingly.

What we are seeing with mass-migration-invasion in the West is THE…

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