innoculating one’s self against harmful ideology

What color are your sunglasses?  Is your view of life and all that goes on in life colored by your ideology – where everything has to be filtered through your ideological lens?

defining the problem

If you answered yes to the above question, recognize that filtering everything through an ideological lens serves to prevent objectivity.  Ideological arguments often make use of propaganda* (oh, the lies we have been told in the news media, in the classroom, and in the history text books).  Through the lens of dogmatic ideology, propaganda becomes irrefutable “fact”.

*It may help at this point to borrow from Wikipedia a working definition of propaganda:

“Propaganda is information that is not objective and is used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, often by presenting facts selectively to encourage a particular synthesis or perception, or using loaded language to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information that is presented.  Propaganda is often associated with material prepared by governments, but activist groups, companies and the media can also produce propaganda.”  (emphasis mine)

Thus, too strict or rigid an adherence to ideology, which is sustained by propaganda, can effectively disconnect you from reality.  Instead of being pragmatic and adjusting problem solving strategies to reflect real world constraints and limitations, the ideologue demands (or expects) that reality be changed.  Unchecked, ideology can lead to non-practical, non-workable, even counter-productive solutions to real world problems.

The ideology that is currently in vogue in the Western world we might call that of “political correctness”.  But, that is too shallow a term to allow for precision.  Perhaps, a more accurate term is Cultural Marxism, which is a kind of witches’ brew of various social movements that attack and weaken traditional Western, Christian society.  Be that as it may, we all know from day-to-day experience, that the main ideological driver of Western societies around the globe is known as “the Left” or simply, “liberalism”.

Ideological bias backed by extreme emotional commitment (to that ideology) leads a person to fanaticism, and that can be quite dangerous.  (Need we say that we see such fanatics out in the streets of the US these days?  These may call themselves social justice warriors, but by their actions, they appear as just simple street thugs and camp followers.)

As we have warned in previous essays on this blog that people need to govern their religious fervor with reason or risk degenerating into fanaticism, we note the need for people to govern their attachment to ideology with reason and restraint.

Do not allow your ideology to squash your critical thinking abilities.

how to safeguard against ideological bias and mass indoctrination

As liberal ideology has corrupted the news media, misdirected our educational institutions away from their true purpose, and propagandized our history texts, we put forth these suggestions to help concerned, and responsible citizens from falling prey to harmful ideological indoctrination.

News mediaRead and support alternative, independent news media when possible.  So far, the Internet (we are not referring here to Facebook) is still a good source for independent news reporting and analysis if you know where to look, but with increasing pressure for censorship, that may change in the future.  Keep a healthy skepticism in your mind towards what is propagated in the mass media, also known as the mainstream corporate news media (MSM).  The burying of important news items (suppression of inconvenient facts) by the MSM does far more damage than their now obvious leftist spin in their reporting.  Inform others of reliable alternative news sources (even independent periodicals), and do not be hesitant to point out to others instances of obvious bias and distortions by the MSM.

Education:  We, as a society, need to reform education to remove its current ideological indoctrination (quite obvious in higher education, but now creeping into even elementary schools).  Will this happen anytime soon?  No.  But, be aware that the true purpose of education is the development of the pupils’ critical thinking skills.  The fact that the educators and the teachers’ unions do not work for this goal tells us much.  We need adults who can think critically and not be mindless followers.

Let us work to return the family to primacy, the two parent (father and mother), traditional family.  The schools are not there to raise your children for you.  Do not be like absentee landlords unconcerned with what is going on in their properties.  Play an active role in your children’s education and upbringing.  We need future adults of character strength who can bring pragmatic, moral approaches to solving societal problems.

To those out of school, I say that learning is a life long experience.  You can educate yourself on many important subjects and topics by visiting a good library or purchasing well researched books.  Reading a few good books each year does not require that much time.  If you ride the train to work, you can read then.

History:  Historiography needs to be corrected in the Western world so that officially accepted history is not propaganda, but actually gives us a correct and complete account of what has occurred in the past.  We cannot learn the lessons the past has to teach us if we have been given a false narrative, or fake history.  As with education, reform efforts will not produce results any time soon in the writing of history.  There is much at stake here for certain powerful special interest groups, thus efforts to reform Western historiography will be resisted.

What is a concerned citizen to do?  Think and read outside the box.  Do not fear being smeared with tired old canards if you dare to read alternative history books, namely works of revisionist history.  Consider that if the official history was not so riddled with distortions and omissions, then there would be no need for revising such history!  I think the most harmful propaganda has been the propaganda that is passed off as being true history.  We are largely ignorant of why today’s world is the way that it is because of the erroneous history we have been taught.

other thoughts

Remember readers: you are under no moral obligation whatsoever to remain in the ranks of the insane.  Reject group think.

If more people were freed from the ideological control of their thinking, and were more informed with the truth, we could actually reform the corrupt politics in our society, and possibly see some real solutions being implemented for our problems.

We must observe that there are at present too many self-hating whites and those who suffer terribly from so-called white guilt.  So-called “political correctness” is aimed at demoralizing ethnic Europeans and dismantling their culture.  That is the reality.  This much heralded “multiculturalism” is fake culture.  We can have a pluralistic society without this very divisive “balkanization” and fragmentation of American society that we see today in many communities across the nation.

our feature image and related thoughts

Here is a recent photo of San Francisco seen from a distance.  The citizen residents of this American city blindly follow the dogmatic diktats of politically correct liberalism.  Sadly, the many serious social problems that plague the city persist decade after decade despite the liberal approaches (funded by the taxpayers’ money) applied to solve these.  Such long-standing, pressing problems include homelessness, drug abuse, crime (both violent crime and property crimes), and the introduction of diseases, long thought stamped out in the US, through rampant immigration to the city from far off lands.  (As well, there are high rates of sexually transmitted infections and related diseases, and large numbers of abortions performed each and every year in the city, but these are not seriously considered to be problems or undesirable outcomes by most residents.)  As ideologically liberal approaches are not pragmatic, and usually fail to deliver constructive results, we refer to San Francisco as the “painfully paradoxical, progressive paradise”.

The Salesforce Tower, a new landmark, is the very tall building visible near the left edge of this image.  Perhaps, it is a new Tower of Babel.



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