book review for The Hitler Photo Album

Last week we looked at these many black and white photos in The Hitler Photo Album, 350 Images That “They” Don’t Want You To See, compiled by M.S. King (author of The Bad War: The Truth Never Taught About World War 2, which was banned on Amazon in March, 2017 despite hundreds of 5 star reviews), ISBN: 978-1-548-379414.  Available on at the present time.

As the introduction asks: why are the only pictures we see of Adolf Hitler the ones where he is shown with a scowl on his face, or after he has given a “rip-roaring” speech, or of him standing and saluting as goose stepping troops march by?



Most of these images were taken from private collections.  These show Hitler greeting and being greeted by small children, Hitler with other world leaders and statesman (he was widely respected in the 1930s as the German Chancellor), Hitler with animals (he was a vegetarian), Hitler with civilians (both old and young, workers and farming folks), and Hitler with women.  These pictures show a gentle man, who was adored by the German people.  As well, there is a section of photos of some of the paintings and drawings that Hitler did in his life.  He did possess some artistic talent.

What is a person to conclude from these many images that contradict the long-standing narrative that Adolf Hitler was one of the worst evil monsters in all of history?  As the compiler points out, these images present a side of Hitler that was real.  Mike King writes that it is up to each reader to form his own conclusion(s), but he hopes this photo album will whet the appetites of readers to learn more about the man and the period (by going to his website to purchase The Bad War).

The viewer of the images in this photo album is confronted with a choice.  Either Chancellor Hitler had a split or dual personality, and that would account for the refined and gentle side of the man seen in these many images and the alleged terrible actions during the war he is said to have been wholly responsible for; or, the official history of the man and the period in which he lived is not correct.  (Today, we lionize and make a hero out of Churchill (war monger and alcoholic), we sweep under the rug the monstrous crimes of Stalin (terrible crimes committed before, during, and after the war), we are largely ignorant of the many evil machinations behind the scenes of the American President, Franklin Roosevelt, and we continue to reflexively demonize and vilify Hitler.)  It must be pointed out that many students of history are largely ignorant of the many reasonable peace proposals put forward by Hitler prior to and after the start of the war.

These photos were quite moving to me.  I was saddened by the knowledge of what was done to the German people during the war (Allied war crimes) and after the war by the terrible Allied policies and actions during the post war occupation of Germany.

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If officially accepted  history is incomplete or abridged, distorted, and filled with much propaganda, then we must call it out as “fake” history.

This next linked to article tells us of the German economic miracle of the 1930s in Germany, that was not caused by or dependent upon rearmament.  Was the success of the National Socialist economic policies a reason, or perhaps the main reason for the war?  Was international finance and the whole system of usury in capitalist countries threatened by the remarkable success in Germany of another economic model?

the Reich’s economic miracle

It is with sorrow, that we link to this next post on the Ethnic-European blogsite.  It tells us of the horrible crimes against civilization committed by the Allies in what we now believe to have been The Bad War.

In my dreams, verily, I can hear their screams.

the worst disaster visited upon civilization

Both linked articles are highly recommended.

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