commentary: of smears and shekels today

We speak in hushed tones at the café over lunch.

“Can it really be the Jews?  Do they really do such things?”

The waiter, as he brings us our meal, smiles and subtly nods in the affirmative.


Below is a link to a recent, quality article exposing how the Jews and their “charities” smear those who dare to support the Palestinians.  The article also tells us how Jewish support can shift rapidly between diverse groups where Jewish interests are concerned.  As well, the Jewish interests are masters at manufacturing and manipulating controlled opposition groups.  Basically, the Jews try to, and succeed in controlling both poles in any debate that concerns their interests.  The particular group in the article, Canary Mission, receives much of its funding from “a foundation controlled by the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, a major Jewish charity with an annual budget of over $100 million.”  Hmmm.  Where does such money come from?  Wealthy Silicon Valley sources?

As to controlled opposition, let us not speak in whispers, it can no longer be denied that the Jews control both major political parties in the US.  Doubt that?  Consider the past 4 presidential administrations beginning with Bill Clinton in the 1990s – so many Jewish cabinet members and top presidential advisors, and so many wealthy Jewish donors to the party in power.  The sad fact is that in the US the choice in each election is which group or clique of Jews do you wish to rule over you.

 Pity the poor Gentiles when the Jews rule over them.

Here is a link to the original article.  As the print is fairly small in the original, we include a second link (see below) to the same article posted on another WordPress blogger’s site (The Tao of Anarchy) that has larger type that is easier to read.

The original here:

And, here is the same article in larger print for ease of reading.

Smear and Shekels by Gilad Atzmon

end of post (our remarks above are covered by our blog’s copyright)


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