recent marriage/intimacy links

As we are firm believers that a strong, successful, and happy marriage includes and requires a mutually satisfying, loving sexual relationship between the spouses, we present these links to 2 recent, helpful posts by established Christian marriage bloggers (both of whom are women and wives).

From Julie Sibert’s Intimacy in Marriage blog, is this insightful post on the challenges that many married persons face as regards inhibitions in the free expression of their sexual love for their spouse.

Imprisoned by your sexual inhibitions?

The elusive (for some wives) female orgasm is discussed in this next post as part of a Q&A with J Parker on her long running blog, Hot, Holy & Humorous.

How do you know when orgasm is close?

Feel free to share these links with others.  And, check out our Marriage and Sex page for some of our related posts.



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