of double standards and political correctness

Can women sexually harass men?  Is that even possible?

Back in the summer and into the early autumn of 2000, I was working on a contract in a tech start-up company.  One day, in conversation with a co-worker – a younger man than I but who had been in the workforce for several years – the topic of workplace sexual harassment came up.  He said this to me: “Women sexually harass men all the time.”  He was giving voice to a frustration felt by many men that such female harassment of males is rarely ever discussed, and is thus allowed to continue.  That is a double standard, and it is born out of political correctness.

Last week, we cautioned readers about falling prey to ideological bias.  If you have to filter everything in life through an ideological lens, you will have a distorted perception of reality.  With feminist ideology, men cannot be victims and women cannot be victimizers.  And, per the ideologically driven bias, we must believe women and distrust and disbelieve men whenever and wherever there is a conflict in their stories.  Period.  End of story.

(As we claim to be in a new age of equality, I do not give women a free pass on really anything anymore.  But, that’s just me.  It is easy to respect a woman who, by her behavior, gives evidence of having some self-respect and is living a responsible life.  But, as to those women who are living their lives recklessly and irresponsibly, that is a different matter.)

Let us consider another double standard in the workplace.

Women are allowed, without censure, to show emotions in the workplace.  But, if men dare show emotions, that is taboo and leads to a loss of respect for them by their peers (co-workers).  If a man gets angry, out of frustration (perhaps from ongoing insults by women), he is seen as acting beyond the boundaries of acceptable workplace behavior, and is not acting like a man should.  Women know this double standard, and they do purposely needle men quite often, and they largely get away with it.  (We must note here that it is not unusual to find that the offending woman has an axe to grind with men, all men, because of past failed relationship(s) with men.)

Real world experience trumps the ideological lens in drawing correct conclusions.

“Down with the patriarchy!  Up with the sisterhood!”



other related thoughts

Having worked with and for a number of women over the years of my working life, I do see the need for, and value of, teamwork for women.  Some women are team players, but many are not yet there.  Team sports for girls in their formative years are a good idea.  Instilling the idea, at an early age, of working together with others towards a shared goal can help women later on in their working lives.

Guys, the answer is not to go gay.  One thing you can do is to look at your own thinking and be on guard against acting contrary to your own best interests out of fear of offending hyper sensitive, emoting “bitchy” females.  Another approach that can work at times is to talk to such problematic women one on one.  Ask her what is bothering her.  Let her know that you know there is an unresolved problem or stressor that she has that really ought to be faced and addressed by her.  (Gently remind her that there are resources available to help her.)  Once you verbally corner a bully with their vulnerability, such a person may not be so quick to bully you in the future.  Of course, this generic advice needs to be tailored to both the individual person and particular situation.

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  1. Great Post: ⭐️😊👍This is so true Larry and as a kind, caring and considerate man looking for love of a good woman to give them all they asked for and found they abused me for doing that as they saw that as an avenue of weakness.
    I still see it as kindness but learned that women can be just as responsible for the abuse in partnerships:
    We live in a complex world of anything that can promote a cause witness the #MeToo movement. that has girded many to speak up over being abused, but many others are just climbing on the bandwagon to get noticed.

    1. Thanks Ace for the reblog and for your insightful comment.

      Yes, it will take some effort and time to get the culture back to some level of respect and decency in social discourse. It may get worse in the short to intermediate term before it gets better. We can all do our small part to try and bring about constructive change in society. As to the excesses of feminism today, there are some signs that more young women are starting to question and to reject some of the harmful tenets or premises of radical/gender feminism.

      1. Your welcome to the reblog …. as l said great post and needs sharing to get feedback …. its times a changing and my real worry is that people wanting this gender changes will confuse our children so much they will not know who or what they are ….. LGBT and now Q or S and children need one thing love and two parents mother and father ….

      2. Agreed. As to LGBTQX and whatever other letters may be added in the near future, gender confusion is actually a form of mental illness. Sure, adolescents may struggle with some confusion naturally as they pass through puberty. But, to have educators in the schools telling them that what they are experiencing is due to having been born in the wrong type of body is not only absurd but is also terribly harmful. We need strong families with both husband/father and wife/mother in the home, yes.

  2. The LGBT etc. folks had an “I” in there for a while, which gave me the right intial to call them gender INsane.

    As for what you wrote, right on! But it sure can be difficult to know who to believe in the case of abuse, as all abusers have the real ability to appear to be the victim, making the real victim look like the bad guy. I think both parties need to be thoroughly questioned before making any judgment.

    I’m just thankful someone recognized that I was being abused BEFORE I ended up in the mental hospital… God is so good!!

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