forbidden history links – weekend read

Today, ten-eighteen, twenty-eighteen, we share several links to well researched blog posts by other bloggers.  As some of these posts are quite lengthy, we recommend these for weekend reading as you have the time to peruse these.

In this first linked post, we have some good analysis about the current situation in the US, and why things seem never to change.

Americans are Stuck in Abusive Relationships with Power

Although it may be taboo for many persons, we dare to look critically at the role the Jews have played in world history, especially in the past 100 plus years.  We cannot have a proper understanding of why the world of today is the way that it is without examining the critical role that the Jews have played in shaping it.  Thus, we offer the following linked posts for readers’ consideration.

These next links are to a 2 part, lengthy, well-researched post on the Jewish role in the two world wars.  And, you thought, as you were indoctrinated in the public schools and universities and by the media to think, that Germany was fully responsible for both world wars.  Rubbish!  (There is also some good information on the American President, Franklin Roosevelt that needs to be more widely known.  He was a very evil man.)  If you are pressed for time, then read only part 2, as World War 2 was the bigger calamity for the world.

#FYI: The Jewish Hand in the World Wars

and, part 2 here:

The Jewish Hand in the World Wars, Part 2

This next linked article was an eye opener for me.  Many people are aware of the schemes and actions of the ADL, but few are aware of the ugly history of its founding in the US.  Unpleasant subject matter, yes, but recommended.

American Pravda: The ADL in American Society

Written by a Jewish Israeli, the late Israel Shahak, we have this quite lengthy article on Jewish history and religion that informs us of the view that Jews have towards all other human beings.  Quite instructive.

Understanding The Disgusting Jewishness


on the holocaust

From American Pravda by Ron Unz, we have a 17,000 plus word lengthy piece (about one hour or more to read through) that gives a very thorough treatment of the holocaust narrative and the arguments that effectively counter it (so-called “denial”).  Ron gives a good history of the development of the official narrative and of the subsequent development of the historical revisionist research that counters it.  Fair treatment is given to both sides here.  Recommended, although it is quite lengthy and ought to only be read when you have the time for it.

From the Ethnic European blogsite, we have this informative piece:

Smoking gun the Allies knew at the time the holocaust was a hoax


another item of note

From the Tibet Truth blogsite, we have this expose of little known brutal treatment of the Muslim Uyghurs in northwest China (Sinkiang, or East Turkestan).  This ethnic minority in China is being persecuted in their ancestral homeland by the Beijing regime much like the Tibetans have been brutalized since the Chinese invasion of Tibet in late 1950.

China’s Destruction Of Uyghur Culture A Crime Against Humanity!


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