animal sacrifice and cruel methods of slaughter are ancient practices and superstitions we can do without

It is noteworthy that Judaism and Islam incorporated cruel, pagan practices in their religions.  We refer here to animal sacrifice and to kosher and Halal slaughter of animals.  (We do not wish to dwell upon the stomach turning specific details of such practices here.  These you can research for yourselves.  But, I can assure you that such practices inflict much needless pain on the animals.  In some Muslim nations, after mass sacrifices, the animal blood (from sheep) literally runs across the ground in streams.)  Pagans, in ancient times, would sacrifice animals in an attempt to propitiate their gods and goddesses.  Some individuals remark that these 2 Abrahamic religions, Judaism and Islam, have a “bloodthirsty god”.

One man’s superstitions are another man’s dogmatic (and not to be questioned nor criticized) religion.

If adherents of a religion have no qualms with slitting the throats of defenseless, constrained animals, they will go on, as they indeed have in the modern world, to cut the throats of humans (without remorse).

other related thoughts

Another archaic and superstitious practice that we could let go of (in the USA) and be better off for it is infant male circumcision (which is not medically justified).  And, we must not overlook female genital mutilation (FGM) as this is simply a brutal attempt to control women’s sexuality (currently practiced in some Islamic countries and in some sub-Saharan countries).

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