sex education of children: the primary and crucial role of both parents

Parents, there is a definite need for ongoing conversations with your children about sex and sexuality, tailored, of course, to the age of the children (age appropriate discussions).  We must not abdicate our responsibilities as Christian parents to instruct our children in these sensitive but very important matters by allowing the school based “sex-ed” (amoral, or in some instances, even immoral and quite destructive), the toxic culture and peer pressure to form their values and influence their choices and behavior.  Bear in mind that children are passing through physical sexual maturation (puberty) at much earlier ages than in our parents’ or grandparents’ day.  (This may be due in part from the trace amounts of hormone residues in the meats and dairy products our children consume.)  Thus, we advise talking with your children early but counsel you to tailor your message appropriately for the age and level of understanding of your children.

It is important for both the mother and the father to be present and actively participate in the talks with their son(s) and daughter(s).  Parents need to talk to each of their individual children such that both mother and father are in the room together when they talk about sex and relationships and values to their son.  As well, both mom and dad need to be in the room when they talk to their daughter.  Why is this so important?  Simply because, as parents, you want to make sure the channels of communication are open for your children to both their parents.  There are issues, questions and concerns that a son may be more inclined to seek a mother’s guidance and counsel on.  Similarly, and this is often overlooked, there are concerns and questions that a daughter may have that she wants to get the insights on from a man, her father.  Also, by both mother and father being actively involved in conversations on sex, children are assured that both their parents share a concern for them.  One message to stress to your children is that they ought to feel free and comfortable coming to either their father or mother, or to both, when they have questions and concerns in this area of sex and sexuality.  Surveys and studies continue to show that children do value the input and guidance from their parents in this area.  The tragedy is that many children are not receiving that parental guidance.

(Sadly, in the schools today, there is this transgender insanity being peddled that is doing terrible harm to vulnerable and confused adolescent children.  Of course, during puberty, some individuals will pass through and endure a period of confusion.  Such individuals need emotional support and proper parental guidance and counsel during this difficult time for them.  They ought not be told that they have been born in the “wrong type of body” for them or other such rubbish.  This is a prime example of why ongoing parental involvement is crucial to counter this harmful ideologically driven nonsense prevalent in the schools today throughout the Western world.)

Parents, take the time and make the effort to instruct and listen to your children on the topic of sex.  As to what you should say and how to tailor the conversation to the age of your child, I would refer you to other Christian bloggers’ articles on specific advice.  Here, we will briefly give a general theme for you to convey to your children.  Your message needs to be sex-positive in that sex, in its proper place (within a loving marriage), is a beautiful and good thing to be shared often between the spouses.  Sex is powerful and has many powerful emotional, psychological and physical effects.  Sexual love ought be saved for your future marriage.  (The ideologues and radicals that run the sex-ed in the schools reject the suggestion to teach abstinence, and they give the lame excuse for not doing so by saying that as a deterrent to teenage sex, abstinence education is not 100 per cent effective.  Wow.  Is there any deterrent that is 100 per cent effective?!  Off hand, I cannot think of any.  But, the truth is that abstinence education is very effective in reducing, albeit not eliminating, teenage sexual activity.)

Why is this so very important for parents, both Christian and non-Christian?

This is a quite serious matter (that of instructing your children as to sex and sexuality), and how you, as a parent, proactively address this matter will demonstrate how much you truly care about your children’s future welfare and well-being.  Here is the undeniable downside if you neglect your responsibility in this matter.  Today, millions of young people in the US are infected with various STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and resulting STDs (formerly called venereal diseases).  Some of which will be lifelong companions to them*.  There are millions of unwed mothers raising fatherless children.  There are millions of girls and young women who have been through the abortion mills and are post-abortive.  And, as many of the abortion “providers” are the wash-outs of medicine, many of these young women have had their reproductive organs damaged.  (It may seem odd to some, but when you learn of the reckless behavior and self-interested actions of the abortion industry, you cannot but conclude that abortion is all about money (revenues and profits) and never really was about so-called women’s rights.)  Young people who engage in promiscuous sex in high school and later, in college, have more difficulty living monogamously in marriage later in their lives.  And, all this is in addition to the emotional, psychological, and spiritual harm that out-of-wedlock sex so often does to young people.  We can see that the Christian moral principles call us humans to freedom from our all too human tendencies to engage in self-destructive behaviors.

* Do not be misled or pressured by school administrators.  They are in many school districts now pushing the Gardasil vaccination of young girls and boys (as early as age 11 years) as protection against various forms of cancer caused by the HPV.  They neglect to tell parents and children of the many very serious reactions, including deaths, from this harmful vaccine, which by the way, does not protect against most of the strains of the HPV (spread by sexual contact).  Educate yourself here and do an Internet search on “Gardasil deaths and harmful reactions”.  Education and sexual abstinence prior to marriage are far safer and more effective in protecting our children from terrible diseases that are a harmful consequence of promiscuous sex.  As well, do not believe this nonsense about “safe sex” with condoms.  Latex condoms have microscopic gaps or holes in them that may prevent sperm from getting through them, but do not prevent many viruses which are smaller than sperm cells from passing through the walls of the condom.  As well, condoms can and do tear during intercourse.  Again, the best prevention for health is for the young people to abstain from sexual intercourse (including oral sex) before they are married.  Yes, that is a difficult prescription in these terrible times, but it is one that young, unmarried people ought strive to live by.

Here is a very insightful, helpful, and relevant article to read – highly recommended.

How dads affect their daughters into adulthood

Now, we move on to other topics, whatever these may be.

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  1. Preach… These are confusing times for our kids and the schools are doing a terrible job of teaching our young sex-Ed. It would only make sense for us to be more involved in your kids development.

    1. Thanks for your comment. The parents really have the responsibility to teach their children in this area. Sadly, we have gone from one extreme to another in the US in the past several decades. Many parents were so ashamed or embarrassed to talk to their children about sex that when sex-ed came along in the schools in the late 1960s and into the 70s, they breathed a sigh of relief as they were off the hook. But, the schools push an amoral, even immoral kind of “sex-ed” that is destructive and not healthy.

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