The 6 key points of the thought of Paulo Guedes, superminister of the Bolsonaro economy

What will the election of Bolsonaro mean for Brasil, and for Latin America?  Leading in the polls just days ahead of the election, Bolsonaro will make big changes in the country.  If this “Trump of the Tropics” can get Brasil’s economy on the track of growth again, the effects will be felt throughout Latin America.

Update Brazil

guedesPaulo Guedes is the economic “guru” of Jair Bolsonaro, who will almost certainly be elected president of Brazil on October, 28.

Since the beginning of the election campaign, Bolsonaro – who is self-proclaiming ignorant when the issue is economics – has delegated to Paulo Guedes the positioning on the programmatic issues that involve the economy.

But who is Paulo Guedes and, above all, what to expect from him in terms of economic policy?

Guedes, born in 1949, is a PhD in economics, a title won at the University of Chicago (known for defending ultraliberal positions) and has taught at some of the most important Brazilian universities. He was one of the founders of Banco Pactual, has directed several investment funds and companies and is currently a member of the Millennium Institute, together with Gustavo Franco, one of the creators of Plano Real.

Bolsonaro and Guedes have not formalized…

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