an autumn evening by the bay

These are some images captured on Monday evening (22 October) nearby the bay in San Francisco.



The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is seen here.  A container ship heads for the port of Oakland with its rail and truck links.



Still observing Summer Time or Daylight Savings Time, we see a restaurant ready for dinner in the early evening on the outskirts of the financial district.



Later and inside, Lucy snaps this pic of dessert.



After dark, we can see that the heavily trafficked bridge is lighted up along its suspension cables.  Will my wife’s social calendar be quite so full after she retires?



A final look at bridge and bay after dark.



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      1. You’re welcome! It just brought so many memories of when I visited the US. Perhaps one day my hubby and I will enjoy the autumn colors of the area…

      2. The autumn leaves are best on the East or Atlantic coast of the US. In the northeast US, early to mid October is best for the colors.

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