From the 1921 silent film, Phantom Carriage, we have this prayer.

Lord, let my soul reach maturity, before it is reaped.

This prayer is worth pondering.  Is not the purpose, or at least one of the purposes of human life, to develop spiritually?  Sadly, this post’s message will not be read by many individuals, and fewer still will click the like button below.

What of the many millions of persons killed before their time by the wars that corrupt, power-mad politicians and egocentric special interests take the nations of the world into?  Do not look for justice here in this world.

The silent film, Phantom Carriage, with Swedish subtitles in the original and now with English translation below the Swedish, may be classed as being in the horror genre, but it really is a morality play of sorts.  If you ever get an opportunity to see it, it is worth watching.  (It does appear rarely on some of the movie channels on cable and satellite television.)



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