Sometimes you can learn much about a person by observing who attacks him. Much maligned Vladimir Putin needs an objective appraisal. Here is one such objective look at this world leader.


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Vladimir Putin tends to keep his religious beliefs to himself. This has led to the Russian leader being labelled a shill or a Jew by black propagandists. To this end, much is made of his former career as a national security officer in the once Soviet Union (1922 – 1991). It is noted that Jewish controlled mainstream media such as CNN and BBC are united with groups that purport to be ‘right-wing’ in constantly spreading fake news about the avowedly devout Christian Vladimir Putin.

Putin on Jewish Bolshevism

However, it is perfectly normal to follow the mores of society when holding office be it the UK, United States, or the Soviet Union. Party membership was essential for holding the office of any kind, especially in the security services.

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