1. Good article. I’ve seen a lot of articles pointing to Putin possibly being a Jew himself, or at least over-friendly towards the Jews, particularly the Chabad-Lubavitchers (perhaps the nastiest “flavor” of them all!) But I was also aware of Putin’s building thousands of Orthodox Christian churches, and even making a study of Christian morality mandatory in the public schools. So I never really believed these earlier stories. No Jew would ever do what Putin is doing in Russia! I do remain cautious about his seemingly friendly relationship with Bibi Netanyahu however. But it could also be that Putin, like Trump, is an excellent chess player. Russians are noted for that!

    1. Thanks Stephen for your comment.

      Yes, I had read some time back that Putin was a “crypto-Jew”, but I think that is mere misinformed opinion. Yes, it is a concern that he is so cozy with that Netanyahu figure (who always tries to shame the world community with that “6 million” nonsense.

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