A flash of zen is hinted at in this recent image from the corporate financial district of our city.

Falling water and autumn leaves.



Today, 01 November, is All Saints Day.  Tomorrow, is known as All Souls Day, and in Mexico and elsewhere as the Day of the Dead.  (There appear to have been pre-Columbian rituals in Mexico remembering the dead before the introduction of Catholicism.)  It is not surprising that we remember the dead in the time of the year that the natural world appears to go dormant, that is in the autumn, when many living things around us die.

The fear of death, I think, resides in the, shall we say, the upper levels of consciousness only.  Deep down inside, the eternal atman (or soul) is unconcerned with shedding of the fleshly outer garment that clothes and confines it.

If you are fearing death over concerns about Hell-fire, then use that fear as motivation to change your life and how you are living your life.  Make amends, and repent.  Stop doing the selfish and destructive things, and start doing the constructive and loving things.

Now, this blogger is in the autumn of his life.  Yet, the apprehension over death is less, or at least felt less than when he was younger.  This may be in part due to the understanding that comes with maturity and age, and the realization that no sane person would desire to remain in this terrible world for too long.  As Mark Twain opined, the older he got the more he realized the debt of gratitude that we owe to Adam (i.e. we ought be thankful for death as a release from this worldly prison).

 And, that is that.

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