of shadows and trees

This collection of images is offered here in the order these were taken on Saturday, 3 November.

[Editor’s note:  Being concerned with all the misery and suffering in this world, there are times I need a change of focus, even if only for a brief period, so as to try and maintain some sanity.  At times, it seems to me that we are atomized individuals adrift in a sea of misery and chaos.  Amidst all the pain and suffering and violence, life struggles on.]

Knowing of a certain play of light and shadow that occurs only for a short period of several consecutive days in the autumn, we were ready with camera.  In this first pic, we see the tree branch in our back yard that will play a role in later photos.



A moment later, we shoot upwards in this image to see the same branch from a different perspective.



Being cognizant or aware that nothing is stationary but always in flux or in motion, we retire inside while we wait for the Earth to turn (or rotate) sufficiently for us to return out-of-doors for the photos we are seeking.

An indoor plant is beginning to bloom once again as seen here.



We were a little late in the morning to capture better defined shadows in these next 2 images (the window in this upper room faces generally to the east).  But, we can still discern an effect of shadows on the wall cast by the late morning sunlight filtering in through the blinds.



The branches of the house plant are casting shadows on the wall behind them in this image.



Later, returning outdoors and on to the deck, we begin to see the desired visual effect in these next pics.



This is not “fake” or contrived.  What is happening is the visible sunlight is reflecting off one of the windows of the house we live in and is striking the outer wall of the adjoining structure.  The reflected light is blocked in places by the leaves and branches of a tree in our yard.  Putting it all together yields these images.  As noted above, the angle of the sun above is only just right for a brief period in the autumn and, I think, again briefly in the spring.



As the Earth continues to rotate, the reflected sunlight appears to move across the wall, and that leads to changing scenes to be captured in photos.



Recall that branch in the first 2 pics at top?  Here, we can see the shadow that it casts.  The image here is somewhat reminiscent or suggestive of an East Asian nature painting.



Now, walking down into the backyard, we see the effect of sunlight passing through the gaps between pickets of the wooden fence and striking a patch of old weathered concrete at ground level.



Midday sunlight seen in strips, or discrete packets (e.g. digital) on the top cross-piece of the fence.  How many of us notice these simple visual effects occurring naturally around us all the time?



Walking back up the steps to the deck, we now see the branch’s shadow again.  The shape is slightly altered from a few moments before.  But, there is still a resemblance to the calligraphy in written texts of Asia.  Perhaps, that is rather fanciful, though.



Another look.  Note the texture of the siding serves to alter (or ripple) the shadow somewhat.



Rapidly drawing to an end, we see one of the final shadow plays before the ongoing turning of the Earth ends the show.



copyright 2018 – larrysmusings.com

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