Today’s reblogged post exposes the so-called Antifa with the remarks of a former Antifa insider If you are concerned about, and bewildered by, the violence in the streets of America and other Western nations, you may want to read this post for its insights.


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ANTIFA (Anti-Fascist Alliance) is a growing globalist community of ‘activists’ who believe terror and violence are legitimate. So why are the state police in the west treating these vicious thugs with kid gloves? In Portland, Oregon, the city’s mayor congratulated the city’s police chief for allowing the Antifa to set up roadblocks and attack residents.

Antifa good meme

Western journalists, dubbed enemedia, soft pedal on Antifa violence whilst actually collaborating with the violent extremists when witch-hunting those that journalists regard as anti-immigrant. Antifa is a useful state tool of suppression and as such finds its strongest allies in the state media and police.

Antifa not fascists, they are communists

A former founder of the Antifa in Sydney, Australia, is plain-spoken: “I got radicalised in Sydney. I was originally concerned about Western intervention in Syria. Radical left-wing…

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