Today’s reblogged post exposes the so-called Antifa with the remarks of a former Antifa insider If you are concerned about, and bewildered by, the violence in the streets of America and other Western nations, you may want to read this post for its insights.


    1. Thanks Bud for your comment.

      We only present the reality of the issue. Comments on other blogs are just that, the comments of others. We reblogged the post for its contents, and not for the comments of others on the original post.

      I just got through posting a very lengthy comment and rebuttal on another blog over this oft used term “anti-Semitism”. We must not fall prey to it when it stifles open debate and free inquiry. As to “fake” history, mate, most of what is in the history text books and in TV “docudramas” is fake history. Do we ever get the full story?!

  1. I read the comments and believe they are much more accurate than most of what passes for history these days. The official story is that everyone hates the Jews for their big noses and their claims to be God’s chosen people. Nothing else. That’s enough to get them kicked out of over 100 countries and fiefdoms.

    1. The Jews bring this so-called anti-Semitism on to themselves. Every host society suffers because of the schemes and machinations of these damn Jews. The Germans wanted them out of Germany as they wanted to take back their culture. The damn Jews declared war on Germany early in 1933, War was forced on to Hitler and the Germans. People the world over are suffering from holocaust horse shit fatigue.

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