external enemies, internal enemies, and the new norm in the US

We have, in the US, been so manipulated into fearing external enemies over the past 80 years that we have, to our serious detriment, ignored the internal enemies of our nation.  “Nazis”  “Japs”  “Russkies”  “Commies”  “Terrorists”  “Jihadists”  The use of fear of external enemies, real and imagined, has diverted our collective attention and scrutiny away from our most dangerous internal enemies.  And, make no mistake, our internal enemies are quite destructive of our culture, our social harmony and to our traditional American values.  We have spent countless trillions of dollars (along with many American casualties) in these past several decades trying to reshape the world to our liking, and this has included the total destruction of several countries in that time period along with many heinous war crimes.  Yet, the home front is now a very real battlefield, and most of us Americans really do not want it to be so.

Who do we have to thank for the incessant turmoil here in the US?

The Jews and ourselves.

The Jews, who have been at the forefront and also behind the scenes in all these revolutionary movements (social, political and economic) this past century around the world and here inside the US, are, through their many harmful actions, the root cause of this turmoil.  As we, and others, have already written on this making the compelling case of Jewish villainy and culpability, we will not do so again here.  If you are unhappy with and see the destructiveness of radical feminism, homosexuality, so-called multiculturalism, Cultural Marxism, etc., you have the various Jews and Jewish pressure groups that gave us these (or promoted these) to thank, or blame.

But, we, the average Americans, are also to blame for allowing the Jews to contrive and scheme to sow discord among us and to destroy the social fabric and our morals over these past several decades.  While we fight amongst ourselves, inexorably the Jews make progress towards their goal of completely transforming our culture and society into a fiefdom that exists solely for the benefit of the Jews and Israel.

It is a shame that most Americans cannot think outside of the binary, the dichotomy of Democrats and Republicans.  These 2 corrupt parties can be considered internal enemies of the citizens.  Why?  Because both these parties support and further the growing and encroaching government overreach at all levels: federal, state and local.  Neither party is serious about safeguarding our true liberties and rights, and limiting government.  Both parties are controlled by the Jewish interests.  When you vote for one or the other of the 2 major parties, you are merely choosing which Jewish clique you want to rule over you.  We so desperately need people who can think outside of the box, and these individuals are indeed scarce in our hour of need.

What is the result of our decades long collective lack of vigilance on the home front?  Read on.

the new norm in the US

the assault on free speech, mobs in the streets, contested elections, and ongoing waves of migrants

Do you really think that the Left in academia is going to allow politically incorrect views to be expressed on campus or in the public square anytime soon?  The new norm is that there will be continuing attacks on free speech and free expression so as to stifle any dissent from the leftist, statist agenda.  When I have seen the thugs and mobs of “antifa” in the streets in film clips, I have seen that they are the ones inciting and committing the vast majority of the violence and property destruction.  With George Soros’ money being directed to them through his various front groups, these mobs are the new norm in the US.  These mobs, with their corrupt and dishonest media enablers, will continue to attack and shut down free speech on campuses and in the public square throughout the country.  (Why tear down the Confederate statues to begin with?  It reflects a total ignorance of all the factors in play during the so-called Civil War.  We need to recall our history and learn the correct lessons from it.)

Are you troubled by the threats to our democratic process of elections currently in play?  Yes, with the shrill cries of “count all the votes”, let us be sure to count the votes of those who have no legal right to vote.  Let us be sure to count all the illegally cast votes.  Do you see where this is going?  Let us continue to welcome hordes of migrants and “refugees” into the country who have no respect for the rule of law and will vote illegally for the party that promises them unlimited freebies.  This is the new norm, dear readers, as judges routinely strike down state laws around the country that seek to ensure the integrity of elections by – gasp! – requiring proper identification for voting.  The open borders crowd is all about one party rule in the near future throughout most of the country.

some words on race relations in the US

Racism!  Racism!  Racism!!

Thanks to the racialist policies of Barack Obama and his attorney general, Eric Holder, race relations in America were set back by 50 or perhaps 60 years.  Recall how when blacks got violent in mass riots during their time in office, the only thing that Obama and Holder would do is to stoke the fires of resentment among blacks.  A “post racial” president?  Hog wash.

The sad fact is that white liberals really do not care for the blacks despite their virtue signalling for the camera in photo ops and sound bites with blacks.  They rarely bother to mention or to condemn so-called black on black crime.  This is so because such violent crimes are not taking place in their white communities.  But, as we see black murders of whites being reported (but largely outside the MSM), liberal whites may become more concerned and possibly more engaged in condemning violent crimes committed by blacks.  (FBI statistics show that interracial violent crime is largely committed by blacks against non blacks.)

Something we must note here is that unlike in Europe, where the population is largely unarmed, in the US there are many gun owners.  I do believe and even fear that if blacks continue to murder whites there may be a very serious and violent backlash in the future.  This is no idle warning as more people realize that the police nearly always arrive after the fact, after the crimes have been committed; and then they put on a good show for the public in congratulating themselves as first responders having acted so quickly and bravely.  Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens actually serve to prevent, deter, and thwart much crime but that is never reported by the ignorant clowns in the media.  No liberal fools can convince us that we do not have a God-given right to defend ourselves and our families and property.  (We note in passing that it has been open season on white farmers in black ruled South Africa for some time now with many gruesome murders of whites by blacks.)

(Oh, and by the way, we believe that the African slave trade was wrong and that blacks ought never have been brought to the New World.  But, we must add that the African slave trade would not have been possible without the Jewish ship owners and financiers of that time enabling it.  There are books written on this – this is documented and not made up.  And, let us not overlook the heavy Jewish political involvement in ongoing attempts to disarm law abiding American citizens, also known as “gun control”.)

Sadly, deteriorating race relations and more violent crimes (interracial, that is) are, sorry to say, part of the new norm in America.  Fix the lack of family formation in the black community, and there will be a great reduction over time in black misery and black rage in these United States.

Christian Zionist psychotics

Also part of the new norm is the prevalence of mad dog tele-evangelists and Christian Zionists that promote wars for Israel.  These criminally insane, counterfeit Christians, who completely ignore the beatitude about peace makers, are now exhorting Americans to support a war on Iran.  To hell with world peace, let’s go kill for Israel so as to win points with our God – seems to be their “rationale” although it is neither rational nor moral.  Amazingly, these dangerous charlatans have many followers and financial supporters!

Of course, cheer leading in any form for the poor, oppressed, long-suffering Jews serves to distract attention from the Jews’ nefarious schemes and outrageous actions.  (I am sure that I will now be smeared with that tired old canard of being “anti-Semitic”.)

Is the sun setting on the American experiment in self-rule?  It is quite difficult to be optimistic about the future.



other related thoughts

Today, we see the psychopathy of Europeans who are self-hating in that many are so afraid of being called “racist” that they stand in solidarity (in public protest) with the Muslim rapists and murderers they have welcomed into their countries (Sweden is a good example for seeing this on display).

A European woman or girl who has been gang raped by violent Muslim youths (“immigrants” from abroad) and left for dead dare not call attention to the ethnicity of her attackers.  That is the insanity that grips socialized, feminized, “politically correct” Europe today.  Thus, we see the enemies of Western, Christian Civilization have also mortally wounded Europe.

Europeans must expand and extend their tolerance even further to take in even more migrants, refugees and benefit bandits in the coming years.  Yet, a few countries are now saying no.  We may see more European nation states withdrawing from the EU to escape the diktats coming from Brussels.

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    1. I believe there was also this man named Israel Cohen who in 1912 claimed that it would be in the Jewish supremacist’s interest in stoking racial tensions among blacks, to make them perceive whites as their philosophical oppressors, so that they can more easily “mould” blacks into the communist party.

      On the other side was an equally ghastly plan to implant “white guilt” into whites to make whites more pliable for intermarriage. Essentially the “browning” of the American populace and the subsequent “misplacement” of their origins, identities and cultures.

      In its place of course would be the communist agenda where the people would be culturally held captive as slaves to work for the rich elites.

      But that’s what’s happening now. It’s not exactly communist, but the underlying mechanisms have been put in place.

      1. Clearly, the Jews have been behind much of the strife and tension between blacks and whites in the US. I believe that until 1975, the NAACP was headed by Jews as holding the top executive positions in that organization. As well, the Southern Poverty Law Center founded by 2 Jews in the 1970s (one of which is Morris Dees) has not done anything to help poor people in the old South receive legal assistance as its name implies. Rather, the SPLC, like the ADL, are merely Jewish run pressure groups with an agenda. The Jews, sorry to say, are the destroyers. This is not to say that every Jew is a revolutionary, but that the leading revolutionaries are so often Jews.

        They practice a divide and conquer strategy. As we common folks keep butting heads and fight amongst ourselves, they keep working for greater control of the direction of the nation. But, we common folks have failed to remain vigilant against our internal enemies (as I tried to point out in the post above).

        Thanks for your insightful comments, Digital Empire.

  1. I think that it’s a case of racist supremacism. Iran is geographically isolated by mountains, geopolitcally isolated by American military bases, and financially isolated by sanctions.

    Of all the big wars and crimes committed in the past two decades, none have been by the Iranians, so it’s preposterous that the establishment calls them a threat.

    What we’re seeing here is the application of Jewish supremacy. Like white supremacy, but never ever being made to stick since it would be ruinous for those seeking careers in the film and TV industry.

    1. Yes, there is a tag page on WordPress called Jewish Supremacism where a few bloggers have posted their essays on this phenomena.

      One thing to say about Iran is that they made an enemy of the US back in the late 1970s by ousting the Shah and then seizing the US embassy and holding its personnel as hostages for 444 days. But, many people believe that was sort of payback for the CIA coup against their duly elected president (would have to look up his name) back in the early 1950s. When this Iranian president was calling for nationalizing the oil industry, Eisenhower (not a critical thinker) assumed that he was taking the country in a communist direction, but the Iranian president was really only a nationalist, not a communist.

      But, it must be said that Iran has backed various factions in Iraq that did kill some of our service personnel in Iraq. That second Iraq war clearly was illegal and had nothing to do with 9-11 or fighting terrorism. Many Iraqi civilians are dead or maimed because the US fights wars now for Israel.

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