sundry images for a Wednesday

On Thursday, 8 November, as my wife and her siblings were on board a cruise ship awaiting the start of their cruise, she captured these next 3 views in the late afternoon.

This is Coit Tower, a San Francisco landmark.



Looking to the east of the ship, we can see the office buildings of downtown and the Bay Bridge.



We include this view as it shows the haze caused by smoke that was at that time blowing into the Bay Area from a distant forest fire.  This smoke in the air worsened very significantly over the next 12 hours.  This surprised me as the fire, albeit growing rapidly to a very large size, was/is so distant from San Francisco.  We still have a layer of smoke over us today, but it has lessened a little these past couple of days.



One of the ports of call on Lucy’s holiday (vacation) was the Mexican coastal city of Manzanillo.



This next image was taken in February, 2017, when she was on holiday in far off northern India.  This is for me quite a beautiful photo.



My wife enjoys doing things with jello for any pot luck type gatherings of family or friends.  This is one of her more colorful concoctions made with various flavors/colors of jello (from October this year).



Lighting in our kitchen is not the best for photography purposes.  In this next pic, we see the same jello under brighter light.



At the same time, Lucy made this jello with various things thrown in.  When I sampled some of this later, it was quite good tasting.



A closer view.



From July, 2017, we have these remaining images.  An interesting visual effect is achieved with various colored pieces of jello.



Backing away a little gives us this look.



It ought to be noted that these pieces did require some time and effort in the kitchen to make.  But, those who spend time in the kitchen cooking and preparing food items already know that.



Another colorful work in jello from July of last year.



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